Misdirection at WND

Sept. 11 redux: Video shows jet vaporizing OR SO THEY SAY ...

"Test offers evidence to skeptics who cite lack of debris after Pentagon crash" WND's headline

You need to go to the site to see the vid and article. What is disturbing is that you can see the wings go through the block of cement, however, they fail to mention that there was no wing damage to the Pentagon building.

Also no mention of how thick the wall of the Pentagon is to their experiment wall, nor the grade of density of the cement used in their experimental wall, which appears to be about 4 feet thick. The F-4 is considerably smaller than a 757. In addition, WND does not show photos of the wall or debris after the experiment, so how do we know there wasn't any debris. I don't know about F-4 engines, but I do know that on a 757 the material for many of the parts of the engines: like fan blades and turbine blades are made from titanium or other extremely dense alloys.

Then they poll the reader: "Does the video change the way you think of 9/11?"

What is unsettling ... it changed almost 60% of it's readers minds.