Update from Bob Bowman


Dear friends,

We have had e-mail transition problems. I hope they are behind us. This message will tell the tale. If it goes through, I'm OK.

From Mar 8 to Mar 19 I will be away on a speaking event in Sydney, Australia. On March 15th, I will give the keynote address to the Truth Now Conference. The title is "Some Dare Call It Treason." It looks into how both our countries got into the Iraq War. The following day I will give another talk entitled "A Call to All True Australian Patriots to Ask Questions and Demand Answers." This session deals more broadly with the "War on Terror." We will also be on several panels during the conference. Among the other speakers will be Dr Helen Caldicott, Prof Steven Jones, Barrie Zwicker of Canada, and Willie Rodriguez (the hero of the WTC towers).

Maggie is not going with me. She is in the middle of rehearsing "The Fantasticks", which she is directing. It will play in Melbourne, Florida throughout April.

While "The Patriots" does not endorse candidates, we were sad to see Dennis Kucinich, John Edwards, and Dr Ron Paul marginalized and forced out of the running. They brought into the discussion subjects ignored by the rest of the candidates.

Keep checking our web site www.thepatriots.us for new information. We have several chapters around the country. Why don't YOU start one?

We'll save the rest until we're sure our email system is working again. Peace!


Thanks for the update.

Looking forward to further news and developments.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it