We Are Change UK all over the mainstream press and television news

Just over 24 hours ago 2 members of We Are Change UK scaled a crane near Parliament Square, London, and unfurled banners reading 'Referendum' and 'Give us our vote' - references to the Labour Government failure to honour their manifesto promise of a referendum on the European Constitution.

Plans are well on the way to integrating Britain into an imperial, militarized, neo-liberal European superstate and the general public are not being allowed any say in the matter. The problem is furthered due to poor media coverage leaving very few people aware of what is actually occurring.

Simon from We Are Change UK was interviewed live on both BBC and Sky News

Here is some of the coverage:

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Here is a video of We Are Change UK confronting Foreign Secretary David Miliband on this issue:



Orchestrated poor media coverage

Gareth writes:

"The problem is furthered due to poor media coverage leaving very few people are aware of what is actually occurring."

Yes, that's how the system works. The MSM is systematically, surreptitiously controlled by the "intelligence" (euphemism for special operations) agencies, who then order a blackout on information about things that would otherwise raise a big stir among the public.

Which leaves only a small minority who bother to look outside the MSM for information to alert the larger public. Which is a vicious cycle, because the masses who only look to the MSM for information by definition aren't looking at what that independent minority has to say.

I only hope that this banner strategy has some impact.

By the way, the way "neo-liberal" (which in a literal sense should mean minimalist, decentralized government) is used in the U.K. is incorrect. The real problem is massive, centralized power -- power that is inexorably and deliberately orchestrated for the benefit of politically connected monied interests and for the powermongering politicians with whom they're partnered.