911 story about arrested 911 protestor moving up on DIGG.com

We can get more exposure for 911 truth if more people can logon to DIGG.com and "digg up" this story...


There is a lot of debating going on right now on the DIGG website under this story.

I am a strong supporter

of Digging and Redditing up truth stories.

OK, but is it really worth it?

OK, but is it really worth it?
From reading about earlier DIGG-events it is my impression that they - like wikipedia - have some sort of junta-system, that burries truth-stories?

Most definitely Professional Gatekeeping

Operations are ongoing. 24/7-365.

It won't be easy and we have to be prepared to lose some battles in order to win the overall war / struggle for Truth,Justice & Freedom.

The more they attempt to bury, the more oppurtunity we have to expose it.

Ostriches who have their heads stuck in the sand don't see the Tsunami of Truth of heading their way.

Digg "Ostrich" Bury Squads

The Infamous Digg Bury Squads are in for a Global Shock when they realize sooner or later it is too late to keep dancing to the tune of the Emperor who has no clothes or Empire for that matter.

Its worth it.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Of course:

No rest for the wicked.