Ron Paul Says neocons talked of 9/11. "911 changed everything. And they loved it."

Ron Paul on Republican Congressmen: "911 changed everything. And they loved it."
By Martin Hill

In a newly released youtube video filmed in October 2007 at The Arab American Institute Conference in Dearborn, Michigan, Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul speaks on civil liberties, foreign policy and 9/11.

Youtube video:
Ron Paul At The Arab American Institute Conference in Dearborn, Michigan, October 2007.

Added: February 26, 2008

I suggest watching this whole 20+ minute video, but here are some notable remarks:

11:16 Paul speaks on the north American Union, the U.N., and the world government movement

A questioner then asks Paul about "the relentless erosion of our civil liberties... why wasn't there more of an outcry from republican congressmen?"

Paul's reply at minute 12:28.

Ron Paul: "911 changed everything. and they loved it... The neocons believed they should be world conquerers.. 20 or 30 people who hijack our domestic civil liberties policy, economic policy, foreign policy..

...and thats what they wanted. and they even talked before 9/11, not that they planned it or expected it, but they always sort of, a lucky event, could be another pearl harbor event, they talked about it being a lucky event,.. it fell in their lap and it changed everything.. and then you get guys like Giuliani that make a living off it.... people have not listened to the admonishment of Benjamin Franklin..

Paul then jokes about toothpaste confiscation at airports and how people 'feel good and secure about it'.

Man, What A Sane....

...individual this man is. "....How can anybody justify this approach to try to improve the world?" WOW! What a statement!!!

It is always refreshing to

It is always refreshing to hear his message.

Disappointing how some don't see the message

Interesting how this was voted down.