Exerpt from Between The Lines released - Steven Jones dust sequence

I just finished editing this sequence for Between the Lines. I just couldn't help myself, I had to release it and I hope you guys like it. For those in Australia attending the engagement which Dr Jones mentioned in his most recent blog, you will see this as well as about 10 minutes of additional stuff. Thanks everyone for your support.


As someone who never gave two rips about science growing up, I can't believe how excited this video makes me! Heh!! Great job!



Sorry for any inconvienience and thanks for your comments!

Thanks so much for the preview

Looking forward to the complete contribution for the Australian Conference.

Two Thumbs Up!

He blinded me with science

Steven Jones is an American Hero!!

If anyone deserves the Medal of Freedom. he does!

As does everyone pressing for 9/11 Truth around the world!

Good stuff. Suggestion:

Good stuff. Suggestion: Compare and contrast if you can...

At the 1:36 Mark of this clip - the still image. Take that still and compare it to the very similar event which occurred in the footage of one of the towers. I think you may know the one bit I'm talking about. I recall seeing a similar sparkling trail of flame coming out of one of those towers on the corner.

Also, find an independent scientist to verify the chemical composition that Jones suggests from such a reaction. That would be going the extra mile. But if you can find someone or just an independent lab for verification and recreation for that matter, that would shift the scale even more towards the work of Mr. Jones to win over the helplessly brain-washed citizen/journalist.

I like the feel of the piece. It's got a little bit of that Frontline feel.

Bravo, Dr. Jones!

Keep up the great work!