Video spot examines newly released "alleged hijacker" timeline.

9/11 researcher Bryan Sacks takes a look at the FBI "hijacker" timeline released via a FOIA request from Kevin Fenton.

Sacks is one of the contributing authors to The Hidden History of 9/11.

Pretty limited hangout there

Pretty limited hangout there at the end...each side could put the breaks on the attack? WTF? Lame, lame, lame.

more blame the Arabs bs

It is pretty evident to most that the ME nation who has been benefitting the most from 911, is the same one killing off the Gazans right now, and sucking in the Iraqi oil to Haifa.

The $100k wire transfer, for example, is a false lead, a red herring, part of the patsy set-up. It takes a lot more than that to wire the WTC for demolition.

It is evident to most that the media which lied to us about 911 is much more anti-Arab than it is anti-Zionist. Most websites that do not allow commentary investigating 911 are also firmly in support of blaming Arabs.

The people who had access through Ptech, for example, were not Arabs.

The architechts of the War on Terror are, once again, not Arabs. Hmmm.

Think you could fit that into your timeline?

"limited hangout"

I think some people are missing the point here. Yes, the "hijackers" were patsies. The point is that they were controlled patsies. The ISI is a CIA-backed organization. The fact that the ISI sent the hijackers money is stunning evidence that the CIA supported them. What better way to control patsies than to own them? The patsies were assets of the US-intelligence community.

The evidence shows that someone was supporting the patsies in the United states--and these people had ties to the bush family and the US intelligence community. A patsy is only useful if he does what he is told and looks guilty, like train at flight schools at US military bases. This is not a happy coincidence--it is made to happen, and the patsy is controlled to look guilty.

The "limited hangout" occurs when this is failed to be understood within the inside job paradigm and legitimate evidence is dismissed on false premises and baseless speculation that evidence is irrelevant.

Building a total case for 9/11 being an inside job involves looking at all of the evidence with the understanding that proving that the "hijackers" were indeed patsies with all of the available evidence is an important part of the equation. Showing that they had ties to the US intelligence community only further supports the idea that 9/11 was an inside job, and that those blamed were "controlled assets".
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Is Waleed al-Shehri in Morroco?

If so, and if it is true that he is a commercial airline pilot in Casablanca, then someone take his picture! Let's verify that this person is alive and well. DRG is all over Europe and has many contacts, so why doesn't someone videotape the guy?

This is still a sore spot from Kevin Barrett's alleged 'bounty hunter' fiasco last year. Remember when K.B. was going to bring him back?

Unlike Saudi Arabia, Morroco is visited frequently by Americans and Westerners. Is Waleed a pilot or not? Proving living hijackers is not essential to our movement, but it would be nice.
Take his damn picture.


Presentation Bryan.

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Word is getting around ...

This story was reported in New Zealand, funny ... haven't seen a report from our news media in US. (sarcasm)

It's a good video that keeps questions alive?

It's a very viewable video clip which helps keep these questions alive! Martyrs don't book subsequent flights, do they? Was there a Bush-Al-Saud international patsie fund?

It could've been a much more muscular video. The Arabs are possibly only patsies, made to look like culprits, could've been communicated.


...don't believe them!