Getting The Truth Out: What works?

Listen folks, we need, as a movement, to come to an understanding of what is going to work and what isn't going to work in terms of getting the end result we all want which should be that everyone in the world knows without a doubt who was really behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks and that they are brought to justice.

First consider this: Everyone of your elected officials in the Federal government know the truth. There are a few who will admit it privately or maybe hint at it publicly, and maybe a few more who would be willing to speak out if the majority were to do so. A number of them are scared and would never dream of admitting to the truth out of fear (some of them have been tapped or surveilled and the bad guys have something on them and are in essence blackmailing them). But the overwhelming majority of those in power, say senior representatives and senators and Executive Branch folks are "connected" and actively for and behind the treachery that is going on. The same profile fits those controling the mainstream media and who present on their shows. This was accomplished purposefully over decades by the CIA and the New World Order folks leading up to 9/11 for the very purpose of controlling the masses in this country. So don't think that if you confront them "strongly" enough that somehow they are going to wake up and realize the truth because everyone of them already knows the truth. (I consistently write to my senators and representatives and others in our government to be a thorn in their side and to let them know that there are many of us who know what is going on, but I have know hope that this effort, individually on my part, will eventually lead to truth and justice regarding 9/11 and all that has come from it.)

The people who are "selected" for president since JFK have all been "connected" regardless of how they appear on the surface. Bush and Kerry were both "skull and bones," and Hillary and McCain are both part of the top echelons of freemasonry. The major think tank players for both the Republican and Democratic parties are connected and involved. The overwhelming majority of media events for these "candidates" are staged with "select" supporters. You can get into their rallies if you want but the overwhelming majority of the audience will be of the exact mindset as the candidate which is to say they know the truth about 9/11, but for any of the reasons listed above would attack you for trying to expose it in their presence.

I believe that disruptive behavior during media events of these enemies to the constitution is only going to hurt our cause. Maybe sign holding and wearing shirts with truthful and and non-violent slogans and just being present would have some benefit if it were allowed on T.V. (which I am sure it won't unless you do become unruly), but shouting and disruptive or aggressive behavior will only reflect badly on our movement. We should save our voice for our events and our rallies and always be peaceful.

But here is the thing: I honestly think that trying to confront the criminals in public does absolutely nothing to advance the truth.

What we should all be doing is reaching out to the 70 to 80% of the public who are not "connected" to show them the truth. This is the only way we will succeed. Grassroots, local, and peaceful. The only thing that is going to make any chance for truth and justice is for us to wake up the average joes around us to the truth and grow to a number that no one can ignore.

The greatest movement successes in modern times was conducted by Martin Luther King, Jr and Ghandi. We all need to examine how they did what they did and carefully follow the same methods.

I am going to continue making friends

There are some good points in this article, and I know there are other points of view.

Let's make a lot of friends.
They can agree or disagree to look at the 9/11 evidence. People of decency admire those who graciously take a stand for truth and justice. They may not agree with our position of 9/11 Truth, but they can agree with a genuine concern that emanates in a warm promotion of 911 TRUTH.

Let's make friends with people when we reach out.


Currently, I personally have given out more than 4,000 DVD/ flyer-info card packets...and the number continues to rise weekly. Joe has done well over 13,000 DVDs handed out.

I talk to people about 9/11 almost daily, trying to introduce the subject in a graceful manner.

I post signs all over the place (telephone poles, stop lights, newspaper bins). "Google 911 TRUTH" "Investigate the 9/11 Coverup" "Proven: Explosives used on 911" [I copy signs on 81/2 X 11 paper at Kinkos.]

I do mailouts to city, county, state, and Federal officials and agencies. (DVD/flyer-info card) point...if each of us continues to disseminate information, especially on a one-to-one basis...and if we encourage other truthers to do the same... we will lick this 9/11 lie. But it does take getting out there to the public first-hand. One does not need to have to be within a group of people to do this. One can do it on their own...just put that flyer and DVD on a car windshield or in a newspaper bin or give it to the clerk at the store.

I make a lot of friends this way. I have many new friends who are skeptical as hell, but they admire the strength that it takes to deliver the message. I just left a Professor of Chemistry who is a skeptic, but he was joking with me on a close, personal level as a friend now because I promote 911 truth so tenaciously.

Let's make a lot of friends. They can agree or disagree to look at the evidence. People of decency admire those who graciously take a stand for truth and justice. They may not agree with our position of 9/11 Truth, but they can agree with a genuine concern that emanates in a warm promotion of 911 TRUTH., I am gonna keep doing what I can do. That is my hat.


If one does not thoroughly LOOK, the TRUTH is not visible.

I can vouch for TomT's Sanity

"Let's make a lot of friends. They can agree or disagree to look at the evidence. People of decency admire those who graciously take a stand for truth and justice. They may not agree with our position of 9/11 Truth, but they can agree with a genuine concern that emanates in a warm promotion of 911 TRUTH."

and that just might lead them to the TRUTH!

"We must be the change we wish to see in the world." M Gandhi

But, you know the spectacle of someone confronting power must have an effect on the sub-conscious mind of those who encounter it.
First, they see another human with more courage than they possess. Second, they see another human with conviction enough to
risk ridicule for a cause that is not sanctioned as popular. Third, they see another human with a sense of urgency to get their message heard.

On the surface the herd can't stand it, but it's got to be eatin' away' at em' inside.

TomT .. You are Terrific!

I heard this works

" No, it was NOT BUSH OR THE

" No, it was NOT BUSH OR THE US GOV'T"?

Wow! That's amazing truth!

Guess Bush did his best, sitting pretty reading a book about a Pet Goat ,when the country was attacked while the Secret Service sat on their hands even though there was an airport nearby and they should have evacuated him.

NORAD did their best to stop their planes. There are no air-defenses on site at the Pentagon.

So of course a Boeing jet can easily crash into it. After all the nearest airbase is millions of miles away right?

And why steel-framed concrete buildings collapse into pulverized dust ALL THE TIME.

Especially if a jet crashes into it and jet fuel fires burn for an hour or so. Even when they are designed for jet impact. ESPECIALY when they are designed for jet impact.

That's common knowledge.

Dick Cheney was not where Norman Minneta said he was. No, always believe the VP.


Haliburton is a charitable non-profit organization taking care of the homeless and providing free healthcare for ALL, especially Iraq VETS who have the BEST OF HEALTHCARE at Walter Reed.

They never moved to Dubai. Why, they are in a town and county nearby, With the HEROES OF KATRINA, BLACKWATER. Our friends.


Mainstream media complicity & coverup? OF COURSE NOT.


And the EPA. Why of course the air in NYC was perfectly clean. Pulverized dust and abestos is good for your health.

Didn't you know that?

No. Its probably the Russians or China.

Or Maybe 19 guys working for an "EX" CIA GUY from some cave somewhere.

Probably the Vietnamese stole that "missing" 2.3 Trillion dollars.

Pls trust every Congressman, Senator.


Lyndon Johnson did his best to save the USS Liberty.

Uncle Sam needs you more than ever.

There is nothing greater and holier than Bush & The "US Govt".


Go back to sleep.

Pay your taxes. The IRS is CONSTITUTIONAL. Just like the PATRIOT ACT.

We will take your guns.

We will keep ours.

This FEMA camp here is good for you.

REX 84 is a new resort paradise.

Oh. Those group showers and with that strange smelling gas. Its a new "health theraphy".

Its a very very good for you.

Enjoy your stay.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

The Question was:

Getting The Truth Out: What works?

If you want to get people's attention, see the picture above.
If you want to have a (sarcastic) sign listing everything in your post, by all means go for it.
I don't think you'll get many people to stop and talk, but I could be wrong.

I was trying to answer the question "What works" - not "how many ways is the Bush admin potentially culpable" of which your post did a fine job ;)

With that sign above I guarantee people will stop and ask "well who did it then?" at which point you can say you're not ruling out the Bush admin, & start to talk about WTC7, military stand-downs and all sorts of other facts that may be bouncing around in your head. The point is you will get people's curiosity up to stop and think something other than "this person with a sign is a Bush-hater whom i will ignore" and get the foot of truth in the door

Don't Stop.

Let's debate whether the Bill Maher event or this event with Joe Scarborough's response are making people aware
and causing them to look into our claims or are turning them away. I'd say they are working to our advantage!!
I'd say we are waking more people up. Politeness isn't the answer in all settings.

JFK who said "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, also make violent revolution inevitable."


The disruptions do gain attention.

MLK and Ghandi both created public spectacles to gain media attention.

I agree that violence is counter-productive, but anger is productive.

Constructive dialog is much better but sometimes you need a little thunder and lightning before the rain starts falling and the skies clear.


Now thou protesteth too much?

Just when we criticize the sheeple for being silent, we start criticizing the noisy rebel for FINALLY doing something. Which way do you want it?

I say we want anything we can get. Stop bitching from the keyboard and do something (else).


Agreed - 100%.

The attitude shown by some "Truthers" is nothing short of cowardice and hypocrisy.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

I couldn't disagree more!

The truth movement has gained considerable numbers of people by the WAC group, and Alex Jones and whether or not you agree with their tactics the fact is they've been effective. The truther who got arrested at the Clinton rally will have the same effect i have no doubt. I'm not afraid to get arrested, and frankly you shouldn't be either. We need action, and we need to do more than sit behind our computers and play the game as our corporate rulers would prefer.

If you feel like you need to be polite to people about the truth, i can see that point and welcome you to do it, but it's only one method of reaching our very broad and diverse audience. I look forward to being disruptive at the next "elite" meeting in my area while i still have a Constitution to protect my rights.

If you have facebook

I think we have to harness the power of the internet. I have given out many DVDs here at Yale but thus far the most effective thing has been to post articles to my facebook account. People can't ignore it if it shows up on their newsfeed.

Hang on, WTF is THIS

Hang on, WTF is THIS BULLSHIT? Two of these posts on the front page now? Has there been a meeting somewhere and someone has asked for the Blogger to promote this conformist garbage?

"But here is the thing: I honestly think that trying to confront the criminals in public does absolutely nothing to advance the truth."

^ Well I and many others do, people ARE FREE to peacefully protest as they wish as you are to voice you’re apparent "concerns" over "tactics".

I agree 100%

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Thank you Cameron for

Thank you Cameron for stating the obvious so eloquently.

You have many allies, including me. ...Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth ...Civil Information!

Here's my concern that I

Here's my concern that I will now "voice", you're being divisive as hell. You cannot CONTROL people, you can propose constructively alternative approaches for the movement, I don't think anyone will disagree with the movement being reflective. But trying to pick fights with "the confronters"? Are you kidding me? That's just so divisive, and I don't like the way the blogger appears to be running with an "agenda" here to influence people, that’s just so uncharacteristic of this place and very disappointing.

What's up DBLS good to see you

Looks like a coordinated effort to me. Maybe a little TOO coordinated? Jack Blood made a lot of sense today on his show. I urge others to have a listen if they missed it....

Deadline Live, March 6, 2008

"If I had just paid $20 million for the NIST report, I'd be asking for a refund!... The trouble with the NIST Report is that it isn’t even science because it's not capable of being verified or negated!"
-Dr. Frank Greening

Sup man! I totally agree

Sup man! I totally agree with Jack Blood there, I actually think his show is a little better than AJ's, he’s a wicked host. Also dude just so you know I should be producing much cooler videos than I have in the past, I've been training up Balboa style!

Promoting 9/11 Truth

Yes, I agree that passing out DVDs is a great method and I suggest "9/11: Press For Truth" along with the "11 Remarkable Facts..." info card as a great first step. After all, there is a pyschological resistance to 9/11 truth along with controlled media to consider, so this helps to deprogram the person and make them more receptive to additional info... I would then give them "ITOW" by The Jersey Girls or "Blueprint for Truth" by Gage. I really like the idea of getting behind the familes and the A&E movement.

OK, the claim that ALL of our elected Reps. know the truth about 9/11 is absurd. Some may well have doubts and concerns and lack the political courage to express them. That's where we help them out! (Very few are likely "in on it" in terms of complicity. Let's not get stupid here.)

As for disruption and civil disobedience, I support that. Some may disagree, but I think it can be a very effective tactic. I prefer asking a hard-hitting question or shouting "Investigate 9/11" or "Demand 9/11 Truth!" as opposed to just shouting it was an inside job, however. But to each his own. Free speech.

Of course, disruptions should be nonviolent, ala. MLK and Ghandi.

Ultimately, we need to pass this NYC Ballot Initiative!


You have know hope, because you have no hope, you big dope.

large range of opinion

"First consider this: Everyone of your elected officials in the Federal government know the truth."

No. They don't. I've been studying this for 6+ years, and I wouldn't claim to know "the truth" about 9/11.

Federal employees don't want to know the truth. The truthy myth that everyone else believes is enough for them. Essentially, the outside enemy "Al Qaeda" pulled off 9/11, and those who were supposed to stop them dropped the ball. That is what your elected officials and federal bureaucrats believe, for the most part. That's the permissable view, and so it is the prevalent myth among decisionmakers in media and government.

It is that myth that should be attacked with unimpeachable facts at every opportunity. There are many ways to do this, and they all need to be pursued. One of the strongest counterpoints is to question the "outside" nature of "Al Qaeda," by showing its ties to Pakistani intelligence ISI. The ISI created the Islamic brigades on behalf of CIA, with US money. They have longstanding ties that existed on 9/11, even as the head of ISI was in Washington meeting with high level US government officials. On the eve of 9/11, Osama bin laden himself was admitted to the Pakistani military hospital in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, with the full knowledge of Pakistani intelligence. It is these people that BushCo has given a billion dollars a year ever since NOT to eradicate "Al Qaeda."

A large airlift in late 2001 evacuated thousands of "Al Qaeda" fighters in Pakistani government planes from Afghanistan to Pakistan while the USAF controlled the skies over Afghanistan.

A CIA officer on the scene told of how bin laden and co. were deliberately allowed to escape at Tora Bora because only one of the two roads was blocked.

This is a manufatured "war," a fraud from top to bottom.

Next, drop that ridiculous phrase "New World Order." It makes you sound juvenile.

Historically, the 9/11 truth movement achieved its most widespread circulation from the film "Loose Change (2)." Partially this was because of some bad info which led to press attacks, thereby generating more views. Still, the idea of controlled demolition was circulated most effectively as a result of that film.

We need more films of a high quality, preferably posted for free online.

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at--

I personally don't want to

I personally don't want to start a fight with anyone or be disruptive within the 911 movement. Certainly there are a great diverse number of folks who all have opinions about how things should get done. Let me say that I know that there are a good number of people who are putting their jobs on the line (I personally lost a great government job and was forced out of my occupation) and there are many who are putting there personal safety at risk because of their brave effort to get the truth out, and while I may disagree with some of their methods because I think it is not productive or even counter productive in some cases, I do appreciate everyone who is really trying. Let me also say that I could be wrong about the confrontations and the way they are sometimes carried out. Maybe it will have some positive impact. My recollections of MLK and Ghandi may be flawed, but I thought they arranged for their own public demonstrations and marches and so forth, not disrupting opponents events, but maybe I am just not familiar with all that they did. I personally have never met a 911 truther who came to the truth by something presented by the mainstream media or who witnessed a confrontation at some event, but perhaps there are quite a number of them. I certainly see the point of how the reaction by the media (Scarborough and Willie's comments) could make many folks who aren't aware of what's going on take notice. I do remember the shock value of turning public support for the Civil Rights movement was the witnessing of the police brutality against peaceful protesters. But I must say again that I honestly think the only way we will ever get truth and justice in this matter will be to educate the public. I mean if I was ignorant of what is going on and I watched someone interrupt an event on t.v. with shouting that is not clear what they are saying and even if I saw the slogan, and then the person is ridiculed by the commentators I am not sure that I would be influenced to find out more about the movement or support it, and I am thinking that if approached by someone who wanted to educate me about the movement I think I would be less receptive, not more, because of what I remembered from the t.v. spot. After all, there is a reason why these NWO folks took control of the mainstream media. I honestly believe the only hope we have is by growing the movement to a majority of citizens throughout the world en mass. Again, I could be wrong. What may be telling and convincing is to have some way of knowing how many of us there really are and to find out in what ways we came to the truth, but I don't see any way of doing that. I personally learned of the truth through my own research and I stumbled onto the movement thru the internet which is what I hear alot of truthers say. I also have met a number of truthers who were influenced by a flyer or dvd or by a friend or family member telling them, but no other ways.

I just saw a post about this at truthaction...

But I'm no sure where you're coming from:

I believe that disruptive behavior during media events of these enemies to the constitution is only going to hurt our cause. Maybe sign holding and wearing shirts with truthful and and non-violent slogans and just being present would have some benefit if it were allowed on T.V. (which I am sure it won't unless you do become unruly), but shouting and disruptive or aggressive behavior will only reflect badly on our movement. We should save our voice for our events and our rallies and always be peaceful.

But here is the thing: I honestly think that trying to confront the criminals in public does absolutely nothing to advance the truth.

I think there has been a problem yelling at people it's counter productive to yell at--Amy Goodman, and frankly anyone who cannot be reasonably said to be suspected of culpability in the crime. There I'll agree with you calmer forms of protest and raising awareness are needed--not so much for their sake, but to show their supporters( who-- HELLO --we want on our side) that we are sane.

Where I'm going to disagree with you is how we confront the actual people who are probably as guilty as sin--Cheney, Rice, etc. Sorry, we're not in the business of coddling war criminals. As long as we stick to PROVEN facts and focus on their dereliction of duty and failed responsibilities, hell, yell as loud as you want, I say--as long as what you are yelling is cogent.


Do elected officials know the truth?

It is by no means clear to me that they least in the sense that we know what we know. When people see my 9/11 truth sweatshirt and ask me if I believe 9/11 was an inside job, so to speak, I tell them NO...I do not believe it; I know it, based on years of relentless study and consideration of other explanations. I know...but I paid the price of knowledge which is tenacious study.

I'd wager that a good share of our elected officials have privately looked at what our movement has said. Curiosity alone would compel these folks, so many of whom are lawyers or other professionals, to at least look. That said, I'd also wager that most have then looked away afterwards, finding it more comfortable to cleave to the lies.

I have a good friend who is also my company's lawyer. He has looked. I have inundated him with truth. He cannot accept that "our government would do something like that to its own people." It just does not compute for him, even though he can no longer argue effectively against the wealth of evidence. The most he can agree to is that we should have a new commission. Hey, I'll take it! That is precisely what we all want, right?

Looking back to elected officials, no doubt there is a cohort that does know the truth, many of them believing that the end sought by the perps justified the mean. The rest are simply afraid and who are we to call them out for it?

Callahan was ahead of our beloved former Attorney General and his plane "crashed" without his wife on board. His widow beat Ashcroft. Lesson learned. Wellstone had an "accident" with his wife in tow. Coleman won. We know what happened to Michael Ruppert and others who "crossed the line." There is every reason to be afraid and I would be too if I were a politician who, in coming out of the 9/11 closet, had an impact. They don't care about people they can marginalize like brave Cynthia McKinney...but you better believe the care big time about Sibel Edmonds.

If, say, a respected Senator declared that he believed the official lie was just that, I would think he was risking his life. We know where the anthrax goes, eh?

I think we are going to win. They did not anticipate the potency of the Internet. Had there been one in November, 1963, that might have turned out differently than it did.

There is, in the end, no place to hide. Sooner or later> That said, I also believe that others will take the fall, not the true culprits, as this is forever the way it works in situations like this. They will "discover" a rogue element that was involved. That is how it will turn in the end, assuming that there isn't a coup instead and we get to meet one another in special Halliburton-built housing.

Remember the elegantly documented conspiracy to overthrow Roosevelt. The guilty ones never were called to account. Traitors walked scott free. Why? Because of their "last names" and status. So it will be here. So it always is in a country that is a democracy in name only.

This Works

found this over at wearechange


We regret to inform the 911 truth community that a certain 911 truth website has been demeaning and critical to the We Are CHANGE organization. They have published articles on their front page slandering We Are Change and everything we have accomplished. Their actions are surprising since they never done such things before.

Ghandi used to take beatings in the street so he got up in people's faces to the point where his oppressors deemed his behaviour to be a little bit too "uncivil", and they in turn dished out a bit of their own "civility" on him.

Let it be known that we are proud of our members and stand by their actions. Actions, in which have gained the 911 truth movement main stream attention.

It’s sad to see that people will sit behind their computers and continue to criticize, slander and attack We Are CHANGE on different things, while we are doing actual WORK for 911 truth. Creating these divisions and attacking working organizations is counter-productive and a waste of valuable time. This time and energy should be diverted into creating positive change.

We as a movement need to understand that we are all in this together. If anyone can come up with better solutions, we will be more than happy to hear them.

Infighting and division has plagued this movement from its inception and its pathetic seeing it being promoted on a major 911 truth website. We will not retaliate with a counter attack and won’t hold any grudges, but we will continue to fight for all that were affected by the horrendous attacks of 911.This will only embolden us and make us fight smarter and harder.

We apologize on behalf of the 911 truth community for the embarrassment and division brought upon by this website’s actions.

Luke Rudkowski – Founder of We Are CHANGE

Shumer gave us our new attorney general

WeAreCHANGE Confronts Chuck Schumer Part 1

WeAreCHANGE Confronts Chuck Schumer Part 2

Schumer is a NWO shill. He pays mere lip service for getting

Federal help for the first responders, while it's his DUTY as their NY State Senator to directly insist, demand, & see to it that they get this help from the Feds!!!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Luke is right


Is the Right Word.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

How does "every one of our elected officials in the Federal

Gov't know the truth"??? The 9/11 inside job was highly compartmentalized, with very few people being privy to the full picture. (Also, then what about our elected officials in state, county, city, local gov't??? Do they all know too??? Why/why not???)

How does confronting the criminals in public "do absolutely nothing to advance the truth"??? The #1 thing that the truth movement needs is exposure & publicity, and confronting (questioning, disagreeing with, criticizing, etc.) the criminals in public is one way of getting this.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Plausible deniability

Plausible deniability is a political doctrine originally developed in the United States of America in the 1950s and applied to operations by the then newly formed Central Intelligence Agency The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Plausible deniability involves the creation of power structures and chains of command loose and informal enough to be denied if necessary. The idea was that the CIA (and, later, other bodies) could be given controversial instructions by powerful figures -- up to and including the president himself -- but that the existence and true source of those instructions could be denied if necessary; if, for example, an operation went disastrously wrong and it was necessary for the administration to disclaim responsibility.

The doctrine had two major flaws. First, it was an open door to the abuse of authority; it required that the bodies in question could be said to have acted independently, which in the end was tantamount to giving them license to act independently. Second, it rarely worked when invoked; the denials made were rarely plausible and were generally seen through by both the media and the populace.

Convincing arguments.

I find that the only people I've actually been successful at convincing are people I've known for a while and who trust me. I don't drop the 911 Truth bomb on anyone right away anymore. There's too much emotional resistance.. I find other avenues with other truth issues, pointing out important manufactured crises that are well known.
Remember the California rolling blackouts? When did that happen last? Manufactured crisis and well documented, too. To the point of recorded phone calls where energy brokers are talking about fucking over consumers.
Did those kill anybody? You can be sure they did. Enron didn't make any special provisions for hospitals or traffic lights, did they? They didn't care who died to make their scratch. And they got away with it.
Everyone gets that conspiracy.
Most people get big pharma's recent coverups and conspiracies too (bird flu, Viox, Thimerosol).
Venezuela is another avenue. The movie 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised' is on big corporate blackout. You can't get it at Blockbuster or on Netflix. Why? Because it shows an inside perspective of a US backed fascist coup. It shows CNN absolutely lying about the situation on Venezuelan television. And, because Hugo Chavez is a freaking action hero who appears to actually care about people to the point where he's willing to risk his life for them. He embarrasses our "leaders".
Naomi Klein's new book, "The Shock Doctrine" is a treasure trove of manufactured crises, and a retelling of history from an honest and well documented perspective. She doesn't promote 9/11 Truth, other than to point out some of the most chilling insider connections - like Kissinger, who planned the September 11th assassination of Allende in Chile, being appointed to head the 9/11 Commission. When confronted w/ 9/11 Truth, I watched Klein say, "I don't believe the 9/11 Commission report either, but I only write what I can prove."
9/11 Truth is quite probably the most important issue ever. But the emotional resistance is heavy to an uninformed public.. Everyone is now preloaded with the information that there are "kooks" and "nuts" who believe in "conspiracies". Once someone confronts what they already know about conspiracies and realizes how truly ruthless many people in positions of power are, 9/11 is obvious.
We all have our different takes, and I'm not here to criticize others for how they spread truth. I'm just saying what works for me. I read here often and don't post much, but I take strength from the fact that you all are in the world. We will prevail, and I think soon.
Prepare yourselves, your friends and your families for the upcoming financial crash. The empire won't be stopped before they perform le grande ripoff.
Much Love,

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.
~George Orwell

We Are Change

“so you see, kids, we’ve been in this a long time. We want the same things you do, but we know by now they can’t be gotten overnight. It’s our experience that you have to work slowly to get lasting results. We’d hate to see your movement backfire and spoil the things we’ve worked so hard for. You need guidance, and we hope you’ll have the vision to accept it.”

The response of the students was brief, unpolished, to the point: “We are continuing the movement as best we know how. We hope you will join us.”

That’s from Howard Zinn’s Voices of a People’s History. It describes a disagreement over tactics between the “old guard” of the Civil Rights Movement and Students for a Democratic Society. The old guard wanted to go through “proper” channels, the young upstarts insisted on direct action.

I support We Are Change and I think most people in the movement do as well. It’s not just about converting others to our cause, though that’s certainly part of it. It’s about showing these politicians, bureaucrats and other assorted war mongers that we will not stand idly by while they spew their lies and hatred in public. Influential supporters of the “war on terror” should not be allowed to show their faces on the street with fear of being confronted by advocates of 911 truth. Not confronted with violence, obviously, but courage and (hopefully) wisdom. Courage is contagious. For every brainwashed brownshirt who tries to yank the sign from your hands there will be dozens of semi-enlightened and compassionate people who recognize the beauty of what you are doing.

On the latter point, namely wisdom, some activists could definitely use some help, but rather than try to diminish their actions or dismiss We Are Change as a whole we would do better to offer constructive critique on how they could make their confrontations more effective (ideally by doing it ourselves, but not everyone excels at public speaking – myself for instance). Some people, apparently, think that confrontation should be scrapped altogether. I disagree. Confrontation is inevitable. I agree that yelling out “911 was an inside job” is probably not very useful. However, asking pointed questions about, for instance, the war games, will unplug more than a few ears in addition to putting the speaker in the hot seat. If we carry ourselves with relative calm and rationally we will demand respect.

I don’t think the people at We Are Change should be too defensive about constructive criticism. For instance, I criticized the New York group for handing out copies of Endgame. 911 truth is controversial enough without getting into global warming. I also criticized them for conflating 911 truth with Ron Paul, an individual many in the movement have never supported, let alone the public at large.

However, a lot of what I see in this thread and the other on the subject amounts to little more than whining. If you have a better idea, spell it out. If you think certain subjects should be raised instead of others: list them. If you think certain types of venues are useful for confrontation and others not, explain your reasoning. If you have one or two examples of confrontations you think WERE effective, post the link. If you think our energies are better spent doing something else entirely, say exactly what.

The only solution I’ve seen advocated is some sorts of nebulous grass roots outreach and “more creativity”. Well, a lot of the people involved with We Are Change are also involved with a tangible example of exactly that, namely Truthaction and the 11th Day campaign. How many of the critics have taken action on the 11th in solidarity with the dozens of cities participating worldwide? Frankly, I’ve seen larger actions in Paris, Berlin, Calgary and Perth than most American cities. Why is that? If you’re interested in grassroots outreach and mass action, visit and click on the forum. From there you can network with other activists in your area and propose new ideas. It doesn't just have to be about the 11th, though taking that small step is a great start.

As for We Are Change itself, I will continue to support their non-violent civil disobedience, and I hope others will as well.

You're absolutely right, but.......

These are extremely valid points. We are at a (good) point in this movement that when someone speaks publicly about 911 Truth, they speak for all of us, at least as far as the public views things. We have a responsibility to each other now. God bless the "in-your-face activists," but they need to think very carefully about what they say and what question(s) they ask. There is nothing wrong with speaking loudly to be heard. There is everything wrong with saying something stupid or insulting. Confronting "the enemy" is fine and has its place, but the really important task is in gaining allies, a slow and arduous process with a sustaining effect that is best executed with a different kind of activism. viv la differance. And by the way, last time I checked, Freemasons were an exclusively male fraternity, so I'm not sure how Hillary rose to the top echelon, apart from the fact that the accusations toward Masonry are about as valid as accusing the Rotary Club or the Elks. Even the soft-spoken among us needs to careful not to say stupid stuff.

A Mole without a Hole?


I read what you said but respectfully, I must disagree.

Here's a question.

Are you an activist?
A joiner
A pretender? or
A mole?

An activist is someone who figures out scientifically exactly what needs to be done and does it
i.e., which legislator to confront and expose his/her illegal conduct to his/her constituents.

A joiner is an idealist who wants to do something about a problem.

A joiner will eventually become an activist or a pretender.

A pretender is a joiner who wants to do something as long as it's non-threatening.

A mole is someone who is paid to derail the activists, organize the the joiners and befriend the pretenders.

Moles are easily spotted and exposed by activists. Moles give themselves away by attempting to talk joiners out of doing exactly what's needed to effect meaningful change, i.e., exposing the crimes that the moles' bosses have committed publicly.

You said that disruptive behavior during media events would hurt our cause. I beg to disagree.

Ghandi and MLK both "disrupted" numerous "media" events to expose the crimes of decision makers.

Ghandi and MLK were activists.

Joiners are almost at the tipping point. They're sick of the lies, and care too deeply about exposing 9/11 to give up.

The real war is between the those who will take a bribe and those who won't.

We ought to have some sympathy for moles. They've low intellect, are easily detected, and are dumped by their bosses
when this happens. A mole without a hole is in a precarious position. As soon as they're detected, they run for the hills.
No one wants them.


P.S. Folks, follow the money to uncover a mole.