9/11 And Air America

9/11 And Air America

by Shelton F. Lankford, Pilots For 9/11 Truth

When I signed up for the first Air America cruise, one of my goals was to challenge the open-minded, progressive listeners and radio hosts on 9/11 Truth, or rather the lack of it in their program content. My elevator speech was to the effect that, by attacking all the monsters that have been unleashed by the Bush administration piecemeal - Iraq, Patriot Act, Spying, Torture, Rendition, gutting the Constitution, etc. , it was like attacking a giant squid by grappling with each of its tentacles individually. We don't have enough arms, strength, or endurance to do it. By ignoring 9/11, we, in effect, ignore the body and brain of the monster, and have no hope of defeating it. It isn't a point that is original with me, but I don't mind stealing in an emergency - this is it.

Imagine my elation when one of the hosts, Richard Greene, to whom I had never listened, stood up in the introductory panel and said words to the effect that in order to stop the crimes that are ongoing and that are stealing our country away from us, we must confront and expose 9/11 as a false flag operation. I leapt to my feet and applauded wildly. I was joined by several others. I don't think he was prepared for the response his statement got, and he rapidly set up an impromptu session to show Zeitgeist, Part II and hold a discussion about the issue tonight.

The session went off in front of a couple of hundred people who were about 1/3 9/11 doubters, and the rest divided between government defenders and those who just didn't know what to think. I think it is safe to say that most have now either came over to the doubter category or are well on their way. Early in the discussion following the film, I stood up and announced myself a member of Pilots for 9/11 Truth, outlined the relevant FDR evidence of the flight of American 77, and referred them to the Pilots site for more information, along with the Alan Miller site Patriotsquestion911.com.

Can you imagine a cruise ship abuzz with conversations about 9/11? I was hugged at dinner evening of the 26th by a retired Presbyterian minister who took my web site links and thanked me profusely for speaking out. Said he had been troubled by 9/11 but didn't know where to get information. He does now. I sat next to a man who was questioned by the FBI four times because he was a frequent flyer between LA and Boston. The FBI claimed he had been seated next to two of the hijackers more than once. He said he had a photographic memory for faces and that it was not possible he had ever had a seat-mate who was one of the 19 without remembering it. I met a Move-on.org organizer from Whidby Island who was intensely interested in the subject and who wanted me to contact a woman behind a new web venture by Moveon. Richard Greene, whose show is called CLOUT, is interested in talking more about the subject and lining up shows, and I plan to put him in touch with Rob for an interview on his show. A woman approached me who is a friend of Ted Muga.

Best cruise....EVER!

Progressives are fired up, motivated, and receptive. Don't ever assume how someone feels about the subject. After today's Canopy Tour (high-lining traverses over a rain forest canopy and aguave plantation) I mentioned the 9/11 event to a guy and he said he had been wrestling with the question of whether he should raise the subject. I told him some things that had him slack-jawed and hankering for more.

Written evening of the 26th.

The rest of the week, I was engaged by many people asking questions or voicing support and thanking me for the work of p49t, which I pass on to you. I will put Rob in touch with Richard Greene for a possible interview. There is a poll on the site now running in favor of a MIHOP scenario. http://www.airamerica.com/clout/ .

Marc Greene, the President of AAR, was not eager to encourage talk about 9/11 but didn't quash it. I had good conversations with Randi Rhodes, who was traveling in company with Willie Nelson's wife Annie, who joined the conversation. I was able to convey our appreciation to Willie for speaking out recently. Randi has treated the subject a number of times on her show. I also was able to talk to Thom Hartmann, who has repeatedly challenged the official story on his show before and after AAR. I challenged him politely on his references to 9/11 in his new book "Cracking the Code" for referring to the hijackers as though they were actually what the government said they were instead of patsy myths created for effect. I encouraged him to use "alleged" in referring to elements of the official story instead of defaulting to the myth as truth.

I had dinner with Jim Hightower who seemed well-versed on 9/11 as an inside job, although I have never heard him mention it. Every table I was at had a majority who were 9/11 OCT doubters. Lots of people sought me out for questions or just to express themselves on the subject. One coordinator for Move-on.org said she planned to ask the national organization to involve themselves in the issue and refer them to the Pilots site.

As an aside, Marc Greene did some informal polling of the group. O'Bama was the overwhelming favorite of the group, but when he asked who people were initially for, Kucinich was the overwhelming favorite followed by Edwards. They were settling for OBama.

When he asked how many were atheists - almost every hand went up.

Not a bad week at all. They plan another such cruise in November because of the success of this one, which was sold out.


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high 5..... now you can watch your seeds grow :)

Thank you...

Shelton did a wonderful job...


a captive audience at sea. thanks so much for the ship-side account. I believe that Richard Green is brother to Mark. is that correct?

MP3 Audio Clips - Air America Radio

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* source = http://www.airamerica.com/clout

Friday February 22, 2008
Air America's Richard Greene (Clout) talks to Les Jamieson about the NY 9/11 Ballot Initiative

* source = http://www.airamerica.com/clout

Saturday February 16, 2008
Air America Radio Host Richard Green replays statements by Keith Obermann, Robert Wexler and John Conyers regarding the Bush administration's attempt to gain immunity via legislation for the telecoms who have illegally listened to our phone calls and read our emails.

* source = http://www.airamerica.com/clout

Saturday February 16, 2008
Investigative American reporter Greg Palast tells Richard Green who is funding Clinton, Obama and McCain. The proverbial men behind the curtains.

* source = http://www.airamerica.com/clout

Friday February 15, 2008
Thom Hartmann talks with callers about the anthrax attacks on Congress, Operation Northwoods and the investigation of the assasination of JFK

* source = http://www.airamerica.com

Wednesday December 12, 2007
Caller Asks Air America's Randi Rhodes "Where Are The Terrorists?" And She Says There Are None

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Friday November 30, 2007
Former CIA Officer Philip Giraldi Talks to Randi Rhodes on Air America About HR1955

* source = http://www.therandirhodesshow.com/live/

Friday November 16, 2007
Caller Asks Thom Hartmann About How a 757 Could Fit through a 20 ft hole

* source = http://www.airamerica.com/thomhartmannpage/

Wednesday July 18, 2007
Reagan Treasury Official Paul Craig Roberts Talks to Air America Radio' Thom Hartman About Bush Possibly Seizing Power By Staging A National Emergency

* source = http://www.airamerica.com

Thursday June 14, 2007
Air America's Lionel Takes A Caller Who Gently Changes Subject from Rudy Guiliani to 9/11

* source = http://www.airamerica.com/lionel

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Good Post

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


That's very encouraging to hear that MoveOn people are starting to pay attention to this MOST IMPORTANT issue!

When they had their poll to vote for who MoveOn would endorse for president, I wanted to vote for Mike Gravel, but they did not put him up as a choice. I complained.

I am a MoveOn member who has been very disappointed in some of their choices the last few years.

Enact real democracy at www.ni4d.us.

Very Good News

Perhaps Air America will hire back Mike Malloy. If you remember he was fired after having DRG, Tarpley, Bowman and others on his show talking about 9/11 being an inside job. Keep up the good work truthers. The noose is starting to tighten around the September criminal's necks.

Hi Rob, thanks for signing "The Shell Game" coalition statement,

Hi Rob, thanks for signing "The Shell Game" coalition statement. I've been contacting Greene and others at Air America who'd spoken out on the 9/11 cover up.

Greene spoke in his youtube video of the media blockade and our need to be creative in how to get around it. It would seem like "The Shell Game" and Steve Alten, are made to order for what he sees as a need to meet to get the word out.

If you heard or read his CBS National Radio interview this week, exploding 9/11 truth issues to millions, you see what it/he offers the movement to break into mainstream.

If you could contact any of the Air America hosts you connected with, and get them a copy of "The Shell Game" Air America could help spread the word, which in turn would get Alten onto more major corporate media venues.

I think Richard Greene, definitely should talk to Steve Alten, but also several others there Thom Hartmon, etc. etc. who've spoken out on 9/11.


What's does "FDR" mean here? (As in, "FDR evidence of the flight of American 77".)

Flight Data Recorder

The Pilots for 911 Truth claim that the data from the black box show that Flight 77 could not have hit the Pentagon.

FDR = Flight Data Recorder

One of two "black boxes" on all commercial aircraft and many private planes, as well. The other is the cockpit voice recorder.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

FDR = Flight Data Recorder


Thanks to one and all

for RRT (rapid response time).


You can still hear him nightly at:


Also, Mike Malloy, my hero

Also, Mike Malloy, my hero (aside from Jon Gold) is on weeknights 9-Midnight (EST) on Sirius Satellite Radio, Talk Left, Channel #146.

He speaks about 9/11 frequently . . . (Lynn Samuels, another great show on Left Talk, also knows about 9/11.)

You can listen to Sirius via your laptop now - no need for extra equipment, unless you want it in your car.

It's worth the cost. Cheaper than therapy.


He calls George W. Bush "Chucklenuts". : )


“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.”
-- Plato

I agree Betsy

Mike Malloy is THE MAN! I just wish he was back on Air America since it has a much more listeners. Also if you missed one of his shows you could always download it from the "White Rose Society" web site. I have a collection of all his 9/11 shows on my computer. Now that he isn't working for Air America they stopped the downloads. Why I don't know.

"Bush Crime Family"

Mike is good people

Very encouraging ...

Great report Shel.

This is an important contribution.

Your courageous adventure on the high seas of Liberalism was a tremendous success. Your essay has inspired me to speak more openly about 9/11 truth, realizing that more and more people are receptive. Thank you very much for your service toward outing the evildoers.

Rob, do note this point also...

This is one of the most encouraging reports I have seen.

I do have this small point to make. You said, "When he asked how many were atheists - almost every hand went up."

Note that the search for truth is in fact a religious act. Agree?

All truth seekers are, in my view, highly religious. We seek truth. We seek righteousness. Truth is the Higher Power, as far as I can tell at least.

I believe you were referring to hypocrisy, which is not really the same thing as religion. Hypocrisy, animosity, narrow views, dogmatism, power politics, these really are not the same thing as religion, or even theism. That's my sense of it.

Anyway, wonderful report! May this trend continue.

This is so exciting and

This is so exciting and encouraging!

Thanks for posting this report.


great report. Randi Rhodes is a truther too

Although I can't stand her show as it consists mainly of name dropping and self congratulation.

she is very lukewarm in her

she is very lukewarm in her support on air, however her online forums do offer 9/11 truth subjects.

she also doesn't seem to take many phone calls - or her screener doesn't - of people who are competent to address the issues. She usually gets some bumbler who can't string two coherent sentences together and she then easily dispatches them.

re: Mike Malloy

You can listen to Mike Malloy on AAR. I suppose they use the Nova M radio feed. At 10 p.m. Eastern, I think.

[on edit, sorry, didn't realize that was already posted elsewhere]
"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)


'I had dinner with Jim Hightower who seemed well-versed on 9/11 as an inside job, although I have never heard him mention it.'

Nor have I, but I did notice earlier today on this site, under 'blogs,' that Hightower is one of those listed as publicly endorsing David Ray Griffin's new book, '9/11 Contradictions.'