South Texas CHANGE & PNACitizen Confronts Bill Clinton

South Texas CHANGE & PNACitizen Confronts Bill Clinton

On Monday, February 3, 2008, South Texas We Are CHANGE & PNACitizen attended the University of Texas- Pan American (UTPA) President Bill Clinton rally in support of Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

At the finale of the rally, we made our presence known by pulling out an "INSIDE JOB?" banner in support of 9/11 truth and a new truly independent 9/11 investigation.

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NOTE: I didn't mean to overplay the fact that I worked at WTC5 in 2000 but people don't seem to respect the 9/11 truth message unless you give them something concrete with which to work.

Great work. Keep it up.

We are all friends here. We want honesty in government. That's all. We want the truth. Great work South Texas CHANGE! Solidarity!

With you in the struggle,

Great stuff- really great! I

Great stuff- really great!

I just wonder what the reaction would be if you we attended their rallys with banners saying "Hillary for 9/11 Truth" or "Obama For 9/11 Truth."

Making like it is one of their policies- or a serious issue they should be talking about- forcing them to have an more of an opinion on it.

What do people think?

Just add a question mark

and I think you have a very workable idea. I might even try it if we have any more political rallies of consequence here in CA.

Adding the question mark makes it factually correct and forces anyone reading the sign to wonder what is meant. Additionally, if you're lucky enough to precipitate a dialogue with a candidate or one of their proxies, you can test their knowledge of the events of the day and expose either ignorance (willful or not) or willingness to cover up the glaring facts (or cause them to examine their acceptance of the OCT). If you are asked about the sign by members of the general public you can rightly say that you want to know the candidates position on the issue, and hopefully engage them in a friendly (and informative) conversation.

How can anyone publicly state that they are NOT for the truth?

Talk about putting someone over a rhetorical barrel...

***big grin***

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

That's a great idea but there's just one problem . . .

The organizers of the event took away ALL homemade signs. We were there as Ron Paul supporters and had been to the two previous Hillary rallies, and they weren't exactly happy about it. I honestly -- seriously -- think that in order to keep our message silent, and keep the real issues at bay, they decided to ban all homemade signs, even those of their own people. But we were able to keep our official campaign signs, which of course essentially had nothing but Ron Paul 2008 on them. Crazy, huh? We have video of all this stuff, BTW. I'm working on posting it all. Much of it is just campaigning and First Amendment rights stuff, but a lot is also 9/11 truth related.


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