Bill Maher is at it again during his "New Rules" Segment

He says that bush couldn't have done 9/11 because it took planning.
He makes it sound like bush sat down with this crayons and planned 9/11.
He is truly an idiot.

Also covered on RawStory:

God help the MainStream Media

from the Wrath of the American People once the truth comes out.

History has a way of being the final vindication.

Bill Maher is selling his soul,country for pennies on the dollar and has no idea what judgement is awaiting him.

The more he mocks the Truth, the harder it is going to be for him in the long run, not only in the court of public opinion but for his own conscience once it becomes common knowledge that he has been siding with mass murderers.

Even if Maher cannot accept 911 Truth, he should at least discuss the issues of the plight of the 1st Responders and get them some help.

The fact that he could not be bothered (I don't believe he is ignorant of their situation) speaks volumes.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Wake up and smell the coffee

as the old advice columnist used to say.

Word has been passed down through the broadcasting community (sort of a reversal of the old maxim): If you can't say something bad about 9/11 truth, don't say anything at all. (Rosie O'Donnell was made an example of, in case some talk show host has any contrary ideas. Notice how she's never even interviewed, much less employed, on the tube anymore.)

And any sympathetic presentation of 9/11 families is out now, because way too many of those guys are asking embarrassing questions about 9/11. Can't risk having the general public think more deeply about events on that day.

Of course, many TV types -- interviewers, say, or comedians -- love to flatter themselves that they're straight-talkers, the bearers of uncomfortable truths. That couldn't be much farther from the realities of show business, but these poor saps grew up watching movies like "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" and "The Front Page", so they badly want to fancy themselves as carriers of important truths. Since they can't really do that, to feel better about themselves they decide to denigrate those who really are speaking important truths. Better make the public think those real heroes are just fools and nut-jobs.

Maher, of course, carries this out to a T.

Dear Bill


no truthers in LA?

why hasn't anyone ambushed this idiot? his fat head isn't so tough without 20 crew members behind him.... walk up to him on video with the building 7 demolition looping on a laptop in your hand... just say something like "only idiots think the laws of physics can be altered because someone is a talk show host or a political c'mon Bill, you're not an idiot are you? don't be scared to look at the evidence.....just tell your audience how building 7 came down and you'll never hear from another 9/11 truther again"

better yet, find where he lives and set up a video screen outside his house in a pickup truck.....loop building 7 dropping and bullhorn him

He's seen the videos

With Hollywood 'abuzz' about 911, he HAS TO KNOW. People have talked to him and he has had to have read the articles and seen the videos. He is covering up. It's too late to say you don't know about it anymore, especially if your in the media. Bill Maher, Glen Beck and publicists like Popular Science and The Skeptic magazine, need NO EDUCATION on this matter. They are covering this up and they are traitors.

Awww, Bill misses us!

Ready to hit the studio gates again? It's daylight savings time. The writers strike is over. Stay tuned.

Bill Maher gets spanked by 9/11 Truthers 15 sec clip

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Let's Review

Yes... this infuriated me!!!

Because he had the audacity to say it along with his rant on how American's would be more informed if only they made good use of the internet. When we ALL know that the truth about 9/11 can only be found on the INTERNET!

Fine if you want to be a shill Maher, but don't piss down my back while you're doing it and then have the gall to tell me that it's raining... YOU AZZHOLE!!!!!!

"Cogito ergo sum"

He ignores his own advice

for turning to the internet for disputing stupid rumors such as "Obama is a moslim".
Why not find out the truth about the stupid rumor that fire brought down WTC7?
And he makes his audience applaude for his claim that the American people are more stupid than ever assumed.
Do these people think they do not belong to the group Americans he was thinking of?

Earlier in the show...

Earlier in the show Bill said something to the effect of "call me a conspiracy theorist." but oil has gone up three times what is was before these guys got into office. These oil tycoons. Etc. Saying that this was planned all along. We voted in Oil Men and the price of oil went up. Yet. He has no balls when it comes to the truth of 9/11. He also boasts of his pot smoking and stripper visiting. Reminds me of a fake punk ass college student. Damn.

Isn't it ironic?

Delicious irony.
Gullible Americans applauding the statement that Americans are gullible.

The Left Gatekeepers At Crooks & Liars Save The Day!

These guys try harder than anybody to pretend there is no elephant in the room. Maybe they believe if everyone knew that Bush was genuinely evil, (instead of just being a moron), websites like C & L couldn't make fun of him anymore (because he would no longer be a laughing matter), and they would be out of business.

The following two comments are from their thread on the new Bill Maher video:

BeeSting Says:

Sitemonitor bellowed -
” [Deleted. Old rule. Knock it off with the 9/11 stuff-Sitemonitor] ”

[Deleted. No, we are not kidding. We consider the conspiracy topic off limits and we have from the beginning. If you’d like clarification, please consult the commenting policy and/or contact the site team. Links to both are located at the upper left of the page. Thank you. Site Monitor

“Bush wasn’t either. Why? Because it actually worked and involved planning”

solid Says:

fellow_voyager @ 48:

you’ve got to be kidding. this administration has been proven to be liars concerning numerous issues, and then a certain incident which happened in our past (not naming the incident because of various reasons) is now off-limits? *cough*censorship*cough*

Yes, it is sensorship in the worst way, but unfortunately, it’s the C&L website, so they get to set the terms, and they can tell us to piss off if we don’t abide by the terms. So their answer to you is: If the unnamed topic is so important to you, create your own website to discuss the unnamed events surrounding the unnamed actions on some unknown date between September 10 and September 12 of 2001.


I have been going back and forth with C&L over this matter for some time now.

Today they post a link to a story by Cliff Schecter in their blog round-up about who-knew-what-when and have had to delete several posts so far. I am still waiting for a reply to my question:

"Regarding the prohibition of 9/11 discussions on this site.
A couple of weeks ago I was slammed down for broaching the subject and given a link to follow regarding your policies. I did so and found no such policy. I searched every nook and cranny in your site and could find no mention of policies regarding 9/11 discussions on Crooks & Liars.
Instead of sending me on another wild goose chase, I ask that you display the specific policy now on this thread and tell me exactly where it is accessed. Thanks for the coming illucidation.
And BTW, if you don’t want a can of worms opened up on your site, stop handing us a tin of night-crawlers and a can opener."

Honestly, I really do love the C&L site, but having certain topics banned (actually 9/11 is the only one I can determine) by a site that professes to be a champion for truth makes me feel like I'm living in an upside-down-world.

On the bright side, if C&L continues to cover the crimes and foibles of the neocons, this policy will surely be short-lived. 9/11 Truth is about to break, and god help those who deny it.


And now it seems the above post has been deleted. with these comments and my reply:

"zonk @ 20:

[Deleted. Read my other notes to previous posters. And you’re right. We may need to update the policy as regards to specifics. But it’s there: “C&L reserves the right to edit all e-mail and posted comments for content…” This is Mike’s spot within the blog and he has no restrictions on what he posts.
Feel free to drop us an email with you concerns. John gets them too, and if you address issues which I or another site team member is able to address, you will receive a reply. Thanks for understanding-Sitemonitor]

Actually I don’t understand. Your use of the word “content” can mean everything or nothing, depending on the day and weather.
I would ask you to specify what other topics, besides 9/11, are considered unacceptable content. If 9/11 is the only one, then yes, your policy needs to be rewritten to specify in no uncertain terms that only 9/11 discussion is banned on the C&L site.
And in the interest of information, please don’t delete this post and tell me to email you for a private discussion of this. It seems there are many more posters who have questions on this matter."

I'm going to change this policy if it's the last thing I do.


Well, once again I've been censored.

"zonk @ 20:

[Deleted. Read my other notes to previous posters. And you’re right. We may need to update the policy as regards to specifics. But it’s there: “C&L reserves the right to edit all e-mail and posted comments for content…” This is Mike’s spot within the blog and he has no restrictions on what he posts.
Feel free to drop us an email with you concerns. John gets them too, and if you address issues which I or another site team member is able to address, you will receive a reply. Thanks for understanding-Sitemonitor]

[Deleted. What part of ‘DROP US AN EMAIL’ is so hard for you to understand? I notice you have all this energy yo post on the thread, but apparently you want to be public with your outrage. Try it now-Sitemonitor]"

I tried to reply with the following:
"OOOOO, boldface, now I know you're serious.

What part of "make your policy public for all involved" do you find so hard to understand?
And yes, we who have taken the time to learn the truth about 9/11 are OUTRAGED. I suggest you "try it now".
And further, don’t you find it a bit inconsistent that Mike the Blogger can write whatever he wants, but we are banned from commenting on it? Children, can you say “Corporate Media”?"

But it became clear that the site monitor's quip "try it now" referred to further posting.

So if I'm banned, it is a badge I will wear with honor.

Who's banning us ?

There should be a list on this site of sites that ban 9/11 Truth Comments.
I don't even try to comment on Huffington Post now - as many of my comments disappeared into the ether.
Occasionally they seem to let a few through.
But why would I ever go to 'Crooks and Liars' now ?
According to Alexa that site is tanking anyway - so it's not that urgent - but it's good to know who's black-balling the Truth about the multiple murders.

thanks zonk

... for your persistence and for reporting back to us. Yes, I think you have opened (or found) the can of worms at Crooks & Liars. What a ridiculous policy!

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Carefully planned operation

The reason that Project Mockingbird-controlled website doesn't spell out that 9/11 truth discussion is forbidden is because it doesn't want to alert non-9/11-conscious readers that there's any serious 9/11 truth movement afoot. It's to keep those people perpetually in the dark, which is most of the battle.

Trust me, those editors receive plenty of 9/11 truth comments and queries, and have for years. Their failure to state the policy is no oversight. It'd be much simpler for their own convenience to spell out the 9/11 truth policy, and they know it well. No, making it public for all visitors to read would undermine their operation under Project Mockingbird: Keep the Left misdirected about what's centrally important to U.S. and Israeli policy.

Ditto for Huffington Post and all those other baloney websites that are basically extensions of the 9/11 false flag operation.

First of all Bush, Cheney, Rummy didn't pull-it-off all by

by themselves. It's most likely that top-level CIA & Mossad types took care of the fine details involved, much of it compartmentalized so lower-level operatives didn't see the whole picture.

Secondly, if Bush is so stupid, how did he (they) get to invade Afghanistan & Iraq, pass the Patriot Act, & have us half-way into a dictatorship already? Moreover, how has Bush easily avoided impeachment during all of this?

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Well said.

Thanks for pointing out the Mossad Factor.

Bush acts dumb but he isn't.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

big issue for Maher

The probable Moussad involvement is an especially hotbutton issue for Maher. He goes straight for the throat of any guest who dares to criticize Israel, however slightly. I don't believe he's in any way uninformed about 9/11 -- he just knows where it leads.

I remember the moment I realized what Maher was all about. He had Netanyahu on his show back in 2006, during the period Israel was under especially intense worldwide criticism for the wholesale slaughter of civilians in Lebanon - and I well remember some of Maher's first words to Netanyahu were "I think the world just doesn't like it when Israel wins". I haven't expected much from him ever since.

In his own way, he's not so different from Dennis Miller. And neither one can do jack squat without their writers. The best part of the writers strike was watching Maher try to fill a stupifyingly dull hour on his wits alone. ::crickets::

Interesting that he brought it up

I thought the fact that Bill even brought it up was interesting. Also the fact that he said BUSH couldn't have done almost sounded like he was also doubting the official bs. To me it seemed like he was saying... "of course the official story is a line of crap, everyone knows that, but BUSH couldn't have pulled this off."

Another thing is he seems to be beyond the ignoring and ridiculing stage and moved on to the 'Then they fight you" stage. Then of course that means that next we win.

Submitted by rebel patriot. Hope you don't mind a reposting

Incompetent? Don't make me laugh:

What Bush and The competent Neocons have accomplished...

Iraq War
Taken Iraqi oil off the market
Kept Iraq from opening non-US dollar bourse
Stacked Supreme Court with Neocons with a cake-walk confirmation
Escaping justice for numerous domestic and International War crimes
Escaping impeachment
Enriched war machine & Military Industrial Complex
Installed 2 Attorney Generals who would block investigations and supeaonas
Gutted Habeas Corpus
Rationalized torture
Conveniently misplaced trillions (Sept 10th, 2001) and later billions of dollars
Reestablished record breaking opium production in Afghanistan
Implemented extraordinary rendition and secret torture camps
Manipulated - Stole 2000 and 2004 elections
Lied about Iraqi WMD's
Lied about Jessica Lynch-Pat Tillman
Working on reigniting Russian-American Cold War (Russian bomber flights, etc)
Gutted independent officer corps
Christianization of the military
Massive expenditures for Chem-Bio, Space Weapons, Internet cybercorps
Intimidation (or cooperation) of Media & Business
Permanent military bases in Iraq
Passed Patriot Act after convenient Anthrax and Manchurian-style Sniper attacks
Passed Military Commissions Act
Massive debt to break government (and public)
Electronic surveillance and massive databases
Illegal warrantless wiretaps
First-rate mercenary force enriched and empowered
Broke Posse Comitatus precedent with Blackwater and US military domestic deployment
Blinding of America to Iranian nuclear program
Decimated New Orleans post-Katrina (dry-run for martial law)
Coopted Justice Department
Turned over regulatory agencies to the foxes of industry (ex. Mining, Forestry)
Freed Scooter Libby with no political cost
Bankruptcy "reform"
No Child Left Behind and other Orwellian named govt initiatives
Garnered cooperation of fellow CFR and Trilateral Democrats to enable agenda
Unending blank checks from Congress
Convenient benefiting from a "New Pearl Harbor"
Pulled a sham Investigation on 9-11 over on the public for a paltry $15 million

Conning the American public that they are incompetent.

What more do you want to qualify them as a success? Most people think they are incompetent because they are operating according to a different game-plan, or paradigm, than the normal person. Normal people wouldn't operate at this level of corruption and genuine evil. These people are expert Machiavellian psychopaths (with a strong dose of Straussian Noble Lie telling) and to attempt to associate normal behaviors to them is an exercise in futility. You absolutely CANNOT continue to believe that the administration is incompetent - they are completely competetent and shocking us into accepting a fascist version of America

Machiavelli - who greatly influenced Strauss - laid out how the elites would/coopt any form of government they wanted:

He who desires or attempts to reform the government of a state, and wishes to have it accepted and capable of maintaining itself to the satisfaction of everybody, must at least retain the semblance of the old forms; so that it may seem to the people that there has been no change in the institutions, even though in fact they are entirely different from the old ones.

Machiavelli. Discourses on Livy
Submitted by rebel patriot on Sat, 03/08/2008

This is a good comprehensive post.

Thanks rebel patriot and Joe (for reposting it)

Spread this around. It is an almost complete overview.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Nice post

Thanks for this!
"Cogito ergo sum"

Excellent post, Joe, thanks. I am going to copy & save it.


Great post, Joe!

I'm going to email it to that tool, Maher.

He might as well be on Fox Noise with his buddy, Dennis Miller.