Former CIA Agent Robert Steele on 9/11

Robert David Steele Vivas is known for his promotion of Open Source Intelligence (OSI). He is a former Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer for twenty years and was the second-ranking civilian (GS-14) in U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence from 1988-1992. Steele is a former clandestine services case officer with the Central Intelligence Agency and is also currently one of's top book reviewers.

snopes indicates the book may not have been upside down

I don't hold snopes in much regard, however, on this one point I think they have it right. Using the "upside down book" comment is disinformation and easily debukable.

That Mr. Vivas would choose that point is not a good sign.

The point that W was apparently "out of the loop" and in a classroom of remedial readers is somewhat valid. It gives him plausible deniability and puts him where he was on camera and being closely watched.

EDIT: Is it Mr. Steele or Vivas. I'm not clear.

This is a perfect example of a limited hang-out. This al-CIA-duh

member places limited incompetence blame on Cheney , while not even implying Cheany ordered a stand-down. We truthers need to be aware that this is what these al-CIA-duh people do. They are sneaky snakes and very good at their job. Also, being in Military Intelligence is not badge of credibility, but exactly the opposite. "Clandestine case officer" means that he was/is an actual al-CIA-duh grunt directly responsible for overthrowing governments, blowing up buildings, and torturing people. Seriously, I would put money down that this guy was of the few and the proud that worked alongside Harley Guy (, actually wiring the WTC for demolition.

Let's be vigilant and aware people, and on our guard at all times. More cracks in the dam of truth means the dark side is going show its face more often, and try harder to keep that dam from bursting.

Northcom should be paying you guys for comments like these...

First off, according to the Snopes page referred to above, that photo was taken at the George Sanchez Charter School in Houston in the summer of 2002, not at Booker Elementary on 9/11 - totally different. If you're comment's sincere, are you trying to imply that Steele's intentionally trying to spread disinformation by mixing in a joke about the book with the rest of what he said? Get a sense of humor. Let me ask you this - how many people would've watched this and then gone to check if the book was really upside down before looking into all the evidence of Cheney's complicity? It's hard to tell if the book's upside down in the pictures from Booker, I doubt Steele's looked into it. It's doesn't even matter. Besides, there are much better things you could be spending your time on than failing to discredit this. This is a good clip that will get new people to look into 9/11. Attacking it on an inconsequential point that has no bearing on anything seems to end up doing more harm than good. If you think Steele "didn't go far enough" and was providing a "limited hangout" - it's better than nothing. Is he entitled to his own opinion or is this a cult? Besides, do you really think anyone's going to just watch this one-minute video, believe it all, and do no more research?

Obviously, you do not know what a limited hang-out is.

It is not better than nothing, it is actually worse than nothing. It works by applying blame with a lie. What they do is apply a small amount of blame to a guilty person, which makes the public feel good and at the same time as distracting them from the truth and other guilty parties, so the guilty are never held fully responsible, and thus they escape justice. Philip Shenon's recent book "The Commission" is another example of a limited hang-out.

The guilty will never be

The guilty will never be held responsible as long as 9/11 Truth stays divided over minutia like this. Again, isn't it possible with Steele's history in the CIA that this is actually what he believes? Or is that too far-fetched for you guys...

That depends on whether or not you trust the CIA.

Based on historical evidence of the Agency's behavior from their founding to the present day, I do not trust them as an institution, nor as individuals.

Steele left the CIA after

Steele left the CIA after becoming fed up with the way it worked. Check out the documentary "American Drug War: The Last White Hope." Steele's in there talking about CIA involvement in the drug trade and says that when he was in the CIA, he thought they could do no wrong. His feelings have changed. Trust me, I completely understand where you're coming from, I just don't think that everyone who's CIA is necessarily a bad guy. What about Ray McGovern?

Key words by Steele: "criminally negligent"

It does sound wonderful, at first blush, Steele stating his belief, "Cheney is impeachment, indictable and criminally negligent." Yeah, it got me going pretty good when I first heard it!

On closer examination however, Steele is only accusing Cheney of making Bush look like an idiot which Bush never required help doing and pointing a finger at Cheney for responsibility of a drill gone tragically wrong! This sounds like building to a much lesser offense and validates sunderstorm's opinion. It does fall into the category of Shenon's book--although admittedly, when first heard, it sounds much better!

In all fairness, I'd probably lunge at an effort to impeach Cheney on grounds of only being criminally negligent, when everyone here feels Cheney is much more than just negligent, at the least, Cheney would be answering for something?

...don't believe him!

"although admittedly, when

"although admittedly, when first heard, it sounds much better!"

Exactly! If it gets people to do their own research, they'll come to their own conclusions. Even if they don't, I'd say this is at least a step in the right direction. If Cheney or anyone else is ever going to answer for anything, people need to wake up first.

In His Own Words

I copied this, his personal statement on Amazon:

"In my own words
"The 11 September attacks on America have validated what the iconoclasts have been telling the bureacracy and their temporary political masters since at least 1988.

"The malicious manner in which the Bush-Cheney Administration failed to capture Bin Laden in Afghanistan when CIA had "eyes on" for four days, and then invaded Iraq on a web of lies, has dramatically reduced global as well as US security and prosperity.

"The sad truth is that we have a military and an intelligence community optimized to fight the Soviet Union (which no longer exists) on the open fields of Germany (which are no longer the battleground). We are at least 20 years away from being safe against brilliant unconventional attacks *unless* the public really gets into this in a big way and demands draconian changes in how we structure ourselves for both home front and overseas defense.

"The current federal government has no understanding of the larger threats facing this country, no strategy for harnessing all instruments of national strategy, and no possibilities for significantly enhancing our security and prosperity into future generations. Our children's futures are at risk because government has become ignorant, and the people have abdicated their responsibility for imposing common sense on their elected representatives.

"There are three quick ways you can learn more.

"First, you can take the time to go down through the reviews that I have posted--these will give you an excellent 'tour d'horizon' on books relevant to restructuring national defense and intelligence.

"Second, you can visit my web site www then and click on either Archives or (most recent) NewsSorters and then References. That will show you my latest thinking, all free.

"Third, you can download for free the key chapters from each of my first two books, at on the home page, or you can consider buying any of my books.

" reviews have reached critical mass and render a real service to the public. Browse the comments, buy the books, and join the debate--Norman Cousins is right when he says that governments can only perceive small and intermediate truths--that only the people can perceive great truths--and that the particular truth in which the government needs instruction today is that new means for meeting the largest problems of the world have to be created.

"We will not win this war without your intellect and your vote. Sadly, the 'fake war' (one not properly declared by Congress) is being used to cover-up failures in the Executive, to stonewall Congressional inquires, and to deprive U.S. citizens of their civil liberties. The current approach is both ignorant and political--only the common sense of the people, exercised in the vote and constant scrutiny, can preserve our Republic and restore balance to our foreign and domestic policies.

"The good news is that "collective intelligence," what some call "the wisdom of the crowd" is emerging, and with every advance of cellular and Internet technology, the balance of power is being shifted back to the public. One day we will have public intelligence driving public policy, and that is a good thing."

Say what?

""The 11 September attacks on America have validated what the iconoclasts have been telling the bureacracy and their temporary political masters since at least 1988.

"The malicious manner in which the Bush-Cheney Administration failed to capture Bin Laden in Afghanistan when CIA had "eyes on" for four days, and then invaded Iraq on a web of lies, has dramatically reduced global as well as US security and prosperity."

The definition of LIHOP. Sounds like Mr. Steele is still on the COINTEL payroll.

Steele has the intellectual stones

to carry the weight of the argument, or case, which he puts forth.
He deserves big kudos for helping out the common man. Thankx Bob.

“Weight of argument” or words that distract from the truth?

I do not perceive a “weight of argument” in the lines “In his own words” above. Maybe I am reading it out of context; what war is he talking about?, “The War on Terror”?, in that case, he is off my list of people worth listening to, and I would agree, his twisted words could be considered “COINTEL”. If he is talking about the necessary “war” to win back a respectable democracy out of the shambles that the neocon-crazy-corporate-military-mafia-infested billionaire club elite have brought down our country to, then I wish he would express himself better, using fewer words for people to get lost in.

On a future data base of people who led us towards truth about 911, or led us away on COINTEL side-tracks, or back towards “incompetence”, and the Official 9/11 Myth, I have a sneaky feeling that he will end up in the second category. Let it be known that I have not studied his opinions, and he could perhaps still be won over to more efficient 9/11 Truth. CTC411dotcom seems to have some good reasons to believe in his good intentions, and I do appreciate this posting, and the critical reflection on different possible forms of getting closer or further from the truth. Thanks! See also : Any-body up to starting a site like that? It would not be an easy task for new contributions, but we do have a wealth of material from the recent past!!!! Love², drbeeth

"unflinching, unswerving, fierce intellectual determination, as citizens, to define the real truth of our lives and our societies is a crucial obligation which devolves upon us all. It is in fact mandatory. (Harold Pinter)