"Onze Bouge" (every 11th of the month ) at Herblay France the 9 March 2008.

"Onze Bouge" at Herblay 95220 the 9 March 2008

As the 11th of this month falls on a Tuesday, I did my "Onze Bouge" at my local market today.

Despite the rain I managed to have several conversations on 911 and especially concerning the lynching of Marion Cotillard by the media.

A young ex military man menaced to hit me and he was incapable to explain his anger. He felt that what I was doing on the market was an insult to the french soldiers who have died in Afghanistan..

I had many encouragements from people on the market but for the moment I am still all alone to manifest for the 911 truth at Herblay. Hoping that others Herblaysiens will join up with me.

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Thank you

All 911 truth activists are Herblaysien now! Thanks for your activisim.

Persistent inquiry and forgiveness will lead us in change.