Medved hypocritically blind to Israeli false-flag terrorism: Says 10-10-01 terror attempt is "bogus story," "never happened"

On friday, I called Michael Medved's show to follow up on my previous conversation with him about the 10-10-01 foiled Israeli operatives' terror attempt on the Mexican Parliament { see Speaking with Michael Medved about 10/10, 9/11 and the Involvement of the Deep Israeli State }. He was talking about whether terrorism needs to be confronted. I believe so, in all its forms and different faces. And I think it is important for Jewish public intellectuals to understand and confront the role of the deep Israeli state in false-flag terrorism. I focus on 10-10-01 with Medved because it is as clear and open a recent account of the machinations of false-flag terror as we have. Just a month after 9-11 and a few days after the very high grade, Aimes-strain-lineaged was dropped into the mail addressed to Daschle and Leahy, 2 Israeli operatives were arrested having breached Mexican Parliament security with all the trappings of a false-flag in progress- glocks, grenades, explosives and 2 fake Pakistani passports. After hitting the front page of many Mexican newspapers and CNN for a moment, it quickly dropped off the radar as the operatives were quietly sent back to Israel. And I think I'm on to something, because Medved has to insist that it is a "ridiculous, bogus story" and that the existence of reports of about a couple hundred suspected Israeli intelligence agents being detained in the year surrounding 9-11 is "crackpot, Neo-Nazi conspiracy stuff." Next time I call him, there will be no more debate about the factual existence of this event. Instead, he and I will discuss the larger context in which this event took place, and maybe, just maybe, we will talk about the facts of 9-11 and what they suggest about our current situation.

After an intro about Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and the recent terrorist shooting in Jerusalem, he gets to me a bit after the 2:30 mark:

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Here's the transcript:

M: …Does anyone honestly believe that the right way to deal with this- and I’m not talking about individuals now responding, I’m talking about governments, leaders-that the right way to respond to this sort of thing is to ignore it. Let’s go to Jeremy, in Los Angeles, welcome to the Michael Medved show.

J: Hi Michael. Definitely terrorism, of all of its faces, needs to be confronted. You can’t ignore it. But, meanwhile, I think that it’s most effectively confronted by those within the community that the terrorists claim. So, for example, any Arab or Muslim terrorist needs to, really, fully confronted by their own Muslim community. And thus, any Jewish terrorist also needs to be confronted by their own Jewish community. And I was… I called into your show a couple weeks ago and brought up an event on 10/10/01 where two Israeli agents were caught with C-4, and grenades, and a glock trying to terrorize the Mexican Parliament, and you didn’t call them out. So, I’m wondering whether you’re being hypocritical.

M: Ok…This particular incident on 10/4/01…

J: 10/10/01.

M: When was it?

J: October 10th. 10/10/01…Another numerol…numerological device it seems like.

{I probably should have left out the numerology reference, but I think it should be talked about more. It is evidence of a strange sort: 11/22/63 (JFK), 4/4/68 (MLK), 6/6/68 (RFK dies), 9/11/01, 10/10/01 (Mexico City interrupted), 10/12/02 (Bali), 3/11/04 (Madrid, 911 days after 9/11/01), 7/7/05 (London), 7/21/05 (London), 7/11/06 (Mumbai)- Many, if not most of the high profile terrorist acts in the West seem to come packed with numerology}

M: Again, part of the reason I didn’t call ‘em out is because it received no attention, and because I don’t believe that it’s true and…

J: I sent you the evidence Michael.

M: Ok, well look: Why has the Mexican government done nothing about this if it’s true?

J: Well, because there was a negotiation by the Israeli, uh, an Israeli diplomat and they got sent quietly home, just like the 200 Mossad agents who were caught in America…

M: [inaudible]…This is crackpot Neo-Nazi conspiracy stuff [inaudible]…

{ - Fox News with Tony Snow hosting and Carl Cameron reporting- Ok, Michael’s close on the source, j/k, sort of. To be more accurate, I should have said 200 Israelis detained under suspicion of spying… also see and (note that the warning the two Mossad agents gave to US officials in early August ‘01, a week after the infamous PDB was shown to Bush, includes the number 50-200 “Al-Qaeda terrorists,” weird. }

J: No Michael, you said that last time.

M: Again, if you want to talk to me about Jewish terrorists, there is one Jewish terrorist that I know of. His name was Baruch Goldstein. And I think it was about 12 years ago, he went into a mosque, and he went crazy and he started firing. He was condemned, not only by the Israeli government, but by every religious authority in Judaism. There is no one who spoke on behalf of someone going in and firing and killing people. And he, of course, died at the time.

That’s very different from offering free candy to people, having thousands of Gazans in the streets and celebrating. And, you’re right- It is absolutely essential that people confront terrorism wherever it exists. But defending your country against people who target civilians. And targeting killers, rather than civilians, is not terrorism. We’ll be right back.


M: …the Michael Medved show. Let no one say that we are trying to cover up the “incident” at the Mexican Congress on October 10th, 2001 that our last caller brought up. First of all, because there is no incident. I mean, really, we just did a quick, uh, internet search for information about it. And, as a matter of fact, here, Jeremy are you still there? Jeremy, are you still there?

J: I’m still here, yeah.

M: Ok. Again, we just did a quick internet search on this. Do you know what your source is for this whole thing? [inaudible]

J: I’ll tell you…I’ll tell you what the source that I sent you was. It’s called Paul Thompson’s Terror…Terror Timeline and everyone can go find it.

{ }

M: Ok, leave aside Paul Thompson. The original story came from something called “Vox de La Az…

J: No… that’s derivative Michael. Every single Mexican newspaper…

{ - notice the date is 10-12-01, the day after most of the Mexican newspapers covered it. It does appear that La Voz De Aztlan did the most thorough investigative follow-up reporting }

M: No, that’s the original thing. If you look at all the various things on the internet, this is not real. Ok? Do you not believe that…

J: Michael…

M: that if there were… First of all, you understand that there is a serious Communist Party presence in Mexican politics. There is a very serious Mexican Left. There is lots and lots of Mexican people who dislike Israel and the United States, and anything having to do with the West, including this group “Vox de la Aztlan,” who believe that California and Arizona and Texas, and the rest of them, should be part of Mexico. Those are the people you’re using for a source of a story in which no one was harmed, no damage was done, nothing happened, and it probably doesn’t exist, because it was never covered by anyone in the mainstream press.

J: That’s not true Michael. That was not my source. And I agree there are anti-Jewish websites out there…

M: No, I’m not talking about anti-Jewish. I’m talking about anti-American…

J: I agree with…

M: The “Vox de la Aztlan” is profoundly anti-American. And that’s the people who initially reported this ridiculous, bogus story. Why are you concerned about it, given the fact that the evidence is overwhelming, Jeremy, unless you can confront me with some other evidence, that this never happened? It’s a fantasy.

J: That’s not true. CNN covered it. El Diario in Mexico City… All the major Mexican newspapers covered it. It was on their front pages Michael. Go look at Paul Thompson’s “Terror Timeline.”

M: Wait, what happened? What’s on the front pages?

{ you can see the front page of “El Diario de Mexico” here }

J: That incident. The 10/10/01 terror incident was on all…

M: What terror incident? What happened?

J: The two Israeli agents were caught with glocks, two fake Pakistani passports…

M: Ok. Was there any assault on anyone or on anything?

J: No they…{I was going to say, “no they were just bringing grenades and glocks on their sight-seeing, art-student picnic at the Parliament”)

M: The theory…Your theory is, the same as the “Vox de la Aztlan,” which is that they were planning to blow up the Mexican Congress to force Mexico to go to war against Osama.

J: Yeah, false flag terror bombings are a staple of the Mossad.

{I should have asked him what he thought they were doing there, but he appears unwilling to entertain the notion that this is actually real}

M: Uhh. Goodbye Jeremy. (hangs up)

J: …that’s the end.

I'll bet he denies the '5 dancing Mossad' too.

Talk about getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar...