Mr. Yukihisa Fujita MP to attend the Sydney Truth Now Conference!

March 10, 2007

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Mr. Yukihisa Fujita a
Member of the Japanese Parliament representing the Democratic Party, is to
attend the Sydney Truth Now Conference. He is, in the organizing
committee’s opinion, the single most important person to step forward to
ask the hard questions about 9/11 and the “War on Terror” this year. We
hope that his attendance may encourage Australian Parliamentarians to
examine the provably false official 9/11 conspiracy theory! He will be in
attendance on the 15th (Sat) and 16th (Sun) only and will make a short
address on both days.

In other news;

It is with great sadness that I must finally announce that Dr Steven Jones
will not be attending this year’s conference due to a family illness, but
I’m glad to he is already preparing for next year! I have taken great
pleasure in talking many times with Dr Jones over the last few months and
have had the great privilege of his advice! I am now coming to realize,
especially during recent months that many of us will never achieve our
goals with out the support of the ones that love us most, our families.
Mr. Jones has made a choice to care for the foundations of what has made
him such a noble and courageous man! We the Sydney Committee applaud that

He will still be providing a short video presentation to the conference
and between locals Dr Frank Legge (who has been working closely with Dr
Jones) and Dr David Leifer of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
all Dr Jones’s material will be covered at the Sydney Conference.

It is also with great pleasure we announce that Mamdouh Habib the first
Australian civilian to be tortured and incarcerated in the name of the
“War on Terror”, will be attending the conference on Friday Evening
the 14th of March from 6pm-9pm. His epic story of survival is one that
makes it so clear why we must find the truth and bring the perpetrators of
the 9/11 crime into the light! We hope together that we may help him in his
personal quest for justice.

A new program should be available at on Monday the
10th of March with the inclusion of Mr. Fujita and the removal of Dr

Also check the forum at for updates.

Kind regards John Bursill – On behalf of Sydney Truth Action