NY Governor Linked To Prostitution Ring

Maybe we should have had hookers deliver the petition in 2004. - Jon

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NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Times is reporting that Gov. Eliot Spitzer has told senior advisers that he had been involved in a prostitution ring.

Spitzer is scheduled to make an announcement Monday afternoon. Spitzer officials wouldn't immediately comment on the story.

Spitzer, 48, is married and has three daughters.

Details about the prostitution ring were not immediately clear.

But last week, federal prosecutors in Manhattan filed conspiracy charges against four people accusing them of running a prostitution ring that charged wealthy clients in Europe and the U.S. thousands of dollars for prostitutes.

The Web site of the Emperors Club VIP displays photographs of the prostitutes' bodies, with their faces hidden, along with hourly rates depending on whether the prostitutes were rated with one diamond, the lowest ranking, or seven diamonds, the highest. The most highly ranked prostitutes cost $5,500 an hour, prosecutors said.

Spitzer has built his political legacy on rooting out corruption, including several headline-making battles with Wall Street while serving as attorney general. He stormed into the governor's office in 2006 with a historic share of the vote, vowing to continue his no-nonsense approach to fixing one of the nation's worst governments.

Time magazine had named him "Crusader of the Year" when he was attorney general and the tabloids proclaimed him "Eliot Ness."

But his stint as governor has been marred by several problems, including an unpopular plan to grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants and a plot by his aides to smear Spitzer's main Republican nemesis.

Spitzer had been expected to testify to the state Public Integrity Commission he had created to answer for his role in the scandal, in which his aides are accused of misusing state police to compile travel records to embarrass Senate Republican leader Joseph Bruno.

Spitzer had served two terms as attorney general where he pursued criminal and civil cases and cracked down on misconduct and conflicts of interests on Wall Street and in corporate America. He had previously been a prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, handling organized crime and white-collar crime cases.

His cases as state attorney general included a few criminal prosecutions of prostitution rings and into tourism involving prostitutes.

In 2004, he was part of an investigation of an escort service in New York City that resulted in the arrest of 18 people on charges of promoting prostitution and related charges.

You know, I was wondering if Spitzer wasn't "introduced" to the

You know, I was wondering if Spitzer wasn't "introduced" to the hooker ring, back when he was Attorney General, and the movement was trying to get him to launch a 9/11 investigation (?)

Dirty pictures are a powerful tool, and the CIA of course has honed this process to a fine art over decades of doing this same thing to foriegn dignitaries, spies, and leaders.

Food for thought.

Got you beat...

#36... :)



2004 Zogby Poll

Less than two in five (36%) believe that the 9/11 Commission had "answered all the important questions about what actually happened on September 11th," and two in three (66%) New Yorkers (and 56.2% overall) called for another full investigation of the "still unanswered questions" by Congress or Elliot Spitzer, New York's Attorney General. Self-identified "very liberal" New Yorkers supported a new inquiry by a margin of three to one, but so did half (53%) of "very conservative" citizens across the state. The call for a deeper probe was especially strong from Hispanics (75.6%), African-Americans (75.3%) citizens with income from $15-25K (74.3%), women (62%) and Evangelicals (59.9%).


Nicholas Levis of NY911truth.org, an advisor on the poll, agrees, "The 9/11 Commission gave us a plenty of 'recommendations', but far more plentiful were the discrepancies, gaps and omissions in their supposedly 'final' report. How can proposals based on such deficient findings ever make us safe? We think these poll numbers are basically saying, 'Wait just a minute. What about the scores of still outstanding questions? What about the unexplained collapses of WTC 7, our air defenses, official accountability, the chain of command on 9/11, the anthrax, insider trading & FBI field probes? There's so much more to this story that we need to know about.' When such a huge majority of New Yorkers want a new investigation, it will be interesting to see how quickly Attorney General Spitzer and our legislators respond."



What's the real issue here? In November of 2004, an independent inquiry into the events of 9/11 entitled "Citizens' Complaint & Petition" was submitted to Eliot Spitzer's office. This document contained great detail about the glaring questions still unanswered and listed damages suffered by so many people. There were 100 signatures from prominent Americans such as Howard Zinn, Daniel Ellsberg, Ralph Nader, John Gray, Ray McGovern, Medea Benjamin, and Ed Asner. The Complaint also had 48 victims' families as signatories. Spitzer's top prosecutor, William Casey, personally received the document. However, this has been met with a deafening silence. No action was ever taken.

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The Israel Connection. Something to think about.

1) Israeli at center of Spitzer scandal


Published: 03/10/2008

The alleged procurer in the prostitution scandal surrounding New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer has an Israeli passport.

A federal magistrate in New York ordered Mark "Michael" Brener held without bail after his arrest last Thursday related to allegations that he headed the Emperors VIP Club, described by police as a high-priced prostitution ring.

The Associated Press reported that $600,000 in cash and an Israeli passport were elements in the denial of bail to Brener, 62. Brener's lawyer said he has been a U.S. citixen for 20 years.

The New York Times has reported that Spitzer is the "Client 9" described in the search warrant that led to the arrests of Brener and four alleged colleagues.

Spitzer, a Jewish lawyer whose office conducted serious investigations of at least two Jewish organizations when he was state attorney general, made a brief statement to the media Monday admitting he had let down his family and the public. He did not offer any details.





March 7, 2008 -- The feds busted a diamond-studded international call-girl ring that offered well-heeled johns "fashion models, pageant winners and exquisite students" for up to $5,500 an hour - after one of the prostitutes turned on her pimp, authorities said yesterday.

The johns paid as much as $50,000 for a weekend with a prostitute and had the option of purchasing a "buy out" of their favorite girls, which allowed them to book trysts directly with the hookers, Manhattan federal prosecutors said.

The Emperors Club, an upscale escort service, ranked its hookers on a seven-diamond scale on its Web site and then charged its wealthy clientele accordingly for "dates," court papers said.

Four people were charged with prostitution and tax crimes for allegedly raking in more than $1 million with a stable of 50 girls that serviced clients in New York, Washington, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, London, Paris and Vienna.

Mark Brener, the 62-year-old alleged ring leader from Monmouth Junction, NJ, along with his girlfriend and alleged top madam, 23-year-old Cecil "Katie" Suwal, , from Cliffside Park, NJ, both face up to five years in prison on prostitution charges and 20 years behind bars for money laundering.

Authorities raided Brener's home early yesterday and found $600,000 in cash and 19,000 in Euros in various safes, prosecutors said.

Brener, they said, had two Israeli passports in addition to his US passport.

Two other women, Tanya Hollander, 36, a nutritionist from upstate Rhineback, and Temeka Rachelle Lewis, 32, of Brooklyn, face similar charges for handling the day-to-day business.

For several years, wealthy men could go online and pick through mini-biographies of the women. Their bodies were pictured but their faces obscured.

"Raquel," who worked in New York and LA, was described as "an avid writer, actress and journalist."

Men paid $1,100 to $5,500 an hour or could get discounted day or multiple-day rates of $25,000 to $50,000. American Express and wire transfers were accepted.

Sometimes the women took imprints of the men's credit cards on the spot and faxed them back to the pimping couple.

The operation started to unravel after one of the hookers agreed to become a confidential source for the FBI in late 2006.

The Emperors Club boasted of customer satisfaction, but not all the employees were happy.

One prospective prostitute in London e-mailed Suwal in January complaining that the $1,000 an hour she'd receive was too low, especially if the john wanted sex twice in an hour.

"This is the kind of money I make very easily in photo shoots," she wrote. "But to provide sex for 500 pounds [$1,000] an hour, I just thing [sic] this is not a price I would ever consider," an e-mail intercepted by the FBI read.

Brener was held with no bail after prosecutors said he's a flight risk. Suwal was held in lieu of $500,000 bail.

Hollander and Lewis were each released on $250,000 bail that they have one week to pay.

Additional reporting by Carolyn Salazar


The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

His wife looks unhappy

. . . . saw the press conference . . . Elliot came clean. . .

He's still filthy re: 9/11 though.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

From Eliot Spitzer's public statement:

From Eliot Spitzer's public statement:

I have acted in a way that violated the obligations to my family and that violates my — or any — sense of right and wrong. I apologize first, and most importantly, to my family. I apologize to the public, whom I promised better. I do not believe that politics in the long run is about individuals. It is about ideas, the public good and doing what is best for the State of New York. But I have disappointed and failed to live up to the standard that I expect of myself. I must now dedicate some time to regain the trust of my family. I will not be taking questions. Thank you very much. I will report back to you in short order. Thank you very much.

And from the New York Times, an update on the story:

The wiretap recording, made during an investigation of a prostitution ring called Emperors Club VIP, captured a man identified as Client 9 on a telephone call confirming plans to have a woman travel from New York to Washington, where he had reserved a room. The person briefed on the case identified Mr. Spitzer as Client 9.

The man described as Client 9 in court papers arranged to meet with a prostitute who was part of the ring, Emperors Club VIP, on the night of Feb. 13. Mr. Spitzer traveled to Washington that evening, according to a person told of his travel arrangements.

The affidavit says that Client 9 met with the woman in hotel room 871 but does not identify the hotel. Mr. Spitzer stayed at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington on Feb. 13, according to a source who was told of his travel arrangements. Room 871 at the Mayflower Hotel that evening was registered under the another name.

Federal prosecutors rarely charge clients in prostitution cases, which are generally seen as state crimes. But the Mann Act, passed by Congress in 1910 to address prostitution, human trafficking and what was viewed at the time as immorality in general, makes it a crime to transport someone between states for the purpose of prostitution. The four defendants charged in the case unsealed last week were all charged with that crime, along with several others.

North Texans for 911 Truth (new site)

Thanks for the brief

Thanks Joe for filling in the followup.

Cool site !!!

North Texans for 911 Truth (new site)

If one does not thoroughly LOOK, the TRUTH is not visible.


It seems the only way to make the news on the major stations is to have a sex scandle.
Too bad Cheney was'nt getting a a blow job when the aid told him the plane was 50 miles out, and the reason Rummy could'nt be found was because he was banging Condy


$5,500. an hour ???

That's more than Spitzer makes an hour ... hmmm ... maybe we should hire the hooker, she seems a lot smarter.

So the Feds are wiretapping for prostituition?

Welcome to bizarro Acirema (America)! Eliot could have been a 9/11 hero if he had done his job as NY attorney general in 2001. Instead, he has now become fodder for the military-industrial news media, which of course helps distract the public from 9/11 truth.

Waaaaaaaaaaaait a second...

They filed "CONSPIRACY" charges? Who would file charges having something to do with a made up fairy tale that nobody would ever believe in a million years?

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no kidding

lol...good observation.
yeah, makes you wonder why the government charges their alleged 9/11 suspects with 'conspiracy' when they're so busy trying to say there was no 9/11 conspiracy.
since we all know 9/11 was just a freak coincidence of entirely random hijackers wanting to crash planes.

I'm sick of this tarring of the language by having 'conspiracy' equal to 'totally made up bs to blame somebody for fun'

"The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments."
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, section 191
German philosophe

Spitzer was also in bed with Larry Silverstein regarding

billions of dollars of WTC insurance fraud! http://www.911truth.org/article.php?story=20070911220531634

Spitzer's prostitution scandal may (hopefully) mean the dam will soon break. Better to have him out of office first, I guess.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

In addition to Spitzer aiding Silverstein, he seems involved in

numerous other scandals, including anthrax:

....Hicks' story also covers Governor Spitzer's recent scandals with police spying on rival Joe Bruno, the Roger Stone voice mail threat, as well as new information and interviews regarding the Spitzer links to Kroll executives Michael Cherkasky and Jerome Hauer. Hicks hands in an original interview with Jerome Hauer, probing his documented links to anthrax suspect Steven Hatfill. Hauer is widely believed to be the source of the White House's foreknowledge about the anthrax attacks on 9/11/01....

From the same link above: http://www.911truth.org/article.php?story=20070911220531634

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

A governor that visits

prostitutes..hmm, let me think about that one. I think we just got lucky, except that this incident might create an uptick in the unemployment rate. Of course there is the issue of insurance fraud with the WTC, which is the elephant in the room, or at least will become such when the truth is too obvious to deny. But Spitzer also failed to investigate the sale of paintings that belonged to the New York Public Library. The library board, it is said by some illegally, allowed the sale of the paintings, which were the legacy of all New Yorkers. Probably they were being sold simply because some of the hot shot heads of museums wanted them. But it turned out that the museums underestimated the woman, Alice L. Walton, who ended up outbidding them. Smart-ass Spitzer turned a blind eye to the whole deal, thus defrauding New Yorkers of their artistic legacy. No tears from this end. Pataki seemed more personable.

No surprise to me

Eliot Spitzer is just another government crook that got caught. I keep telling you people we are being run by the most crimminal government ever in the history of the planet. They are all filthy thugs.

So what are the Feds gonna bust next - a bootleg whisky ring?

I think the Spitz wanted to get caught. A sitting governor goes out of his way and pays an outrageous sum, just to get some on the side? I think subconsciously he felt guilty about cheating on his family and wanted to stop, so he took risks to help his downfall. It's too bad he didn't feel guilty about cheating on his state (by not investigating 9/11), but let's hope he will change his tune about that, too.

well well well

Considering all of the attempts the NY movement made to gain Spitzer's formal response to legal petitions to launch an investigation of THOUSANDS of New Yorkers murdered on his watch in NYC - and the utter vacuum of accountability coming from his office -(refusing to even dignify us with a reponse) - i would like to take this opportunity to tap dance on the grave of Spitzer's career.

This just goes to show ya - when men with zero integrity rise to positions of power - their abuses of power usually eventually come back to haunt them - in one form or another.

Bernard Kerick was having affairs in a hotel room overlooking ground zero! how romantic! where was his summer home? overlooking Auschwitz?
Petitioning our government for truth - to clarify the historical record - is every American's right and responsibility. Never let them criminalize your questions.

His bank reported him

or maybe that's the excuse for wiretapping him. Now we see what post-9/11 wiretapping and financial privacy invasions are really about -- political power.

Insight of the entire Spitzer Scandal...

great insight Dwightvw, you hit a bullseye in my humble opinion!

Spitzer has noone to blame but himself for providing the opportunity, however! He doesn't sound like he even attempted to be discrete if he racked up payments to prostitutes totalling--$80,000?

...don't believe them!

Likely nothing more than politico-swapping

In California, the Feds create scandal for the purpose of installing an R instead of a D into key roles, such as the person who oversees the state elections. NY State is similarly liberal in many ways, so watch for the person they install in his place to be a crony, criminal, and conservative, a Bush believer.

This may have to do with the 2008 election and McCain -- how else to get him into the running when he's saying that waterboarding is now A-OK?

All politicos likely have an essential "scandal" that can be easily crafted by those in power to do so, to keep them in check. Then it's pulled out as necessary. There's probably nothing special at work here in any of the connections or the event itself, merely swapping one politico who isn't what is needed, for another, who is.

Note from Boston Globe story:

"When Spitzer’s aides used State Police to spy on Joseph Bruno, the Republican Senate majority leader, Bruno deftly turned the harassment against the governor. . . . Last month Spitzer put organization and money behind a Democrat running for an upstate Senate seat that had gone Republican for a century. The Democrat won, reducing Bruno’s Senate majority to a single vote. . . David Paterson, the lieutenant governor, is waiting to take over. An affable man and a Democrat, he had previously served 22 years in the state Senate. The acting lieutenant governor would be none other than Joseph Bruno, who would remain in the Senate."

So now a Rethug becomes the "acting lieutenant governor" . . .

media frenzy

I've also noticed that the media is buzzing with this news about Spitzer. seemingly intentionally..to the point where it will make people sick of it, and then possibly have people think hey lay off the guy...just a prostitution scandal. possibly a limited hangout of sorts to keep people focused on that issue for a while, get sick of it, not caring about what else lies underneath. I'm not saying this is the prime reason and that it's in any sense true, beyond it being a large possibility.

"The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments."
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, section 191
German philosophe