OnTheLineTV Debate: Should We Impeach?


The host is Jeff Cobb. The journalist that wrote the story about Betsy and me.

Taped March 7, 2008 This is a complete, unedited debate between Jane Dugdale of Bryn Mawr Pa., and Bruce Bikin of Radnor, Pa. Jane is speaking as a member of Main Line Citizens for Impeachment. Bruce is speaking as the chair of the Radnor Township Democrats. This should be especially interesting because as two Democrats, they are highlighting the views of one grassroots sub-movement within the party (Dugdale), whereas Bikin speaks from a pretty much mainstream party line position. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said impeachment is "off the table." There are those in her party who wish to change that. This was taped in Wayne, Pa. at Radnor Studio 21 (www.rs21.org) Purpose: community journalism: get the message out clean and with no spin or ulterior agenda. I wish to inform the people of things that are important to them. That is what journalists are supposed to do. Period. My name is Jeff Cobb. I'm the news editor for Main Line Life newspaper (www.mainlinelife.com) I have 10 years experience in print journalism and am branching into TV, this being my fourth show to date. This program is non-partisan, and I serve as a moderator for topics presented. Further qualification: I have a BA in journalism from Temple University.