Proceeds From Franklin Pierce University Talent Show to Benefit the FealGood Foundation

Student Scholars Member, Eric Jackman, is heading the organization of a talent show at the end of the semester. A significant amount of the proceeds will benefit the FealGood Foundation...

Despite setbacks, organizers have high hopes for FP Talent Show

by Arikka Knights
Exchange Staff
Auditions for the FP Talent Show were scheduled to take place this weekend, however were postponed until the end of the month.

Despite the postponements, plans surrounding the annual charity talent show are progressing with heighten excitement. This is the first year the Pierce Activities Council (formerly Campus Activities Board) has not been the main contributor to the funding and organization of the event. However, the Student Government Association (SGA) and several individuals have dedicated themselves to coordinate another spectacular event which fills the fieldhouse every spring.

Student coordinators Phil Painchaud, Eric Jackman, and Joe Tyman all have their own reasons they wanted to make sure the traditional event continued. Jackman said, "I came here in 2005, and my band Probyn has performed in the show the last two years. That was some inspiration to keep the talent show going, I wanted my band to play, too, I won't lie."

The three students initiated a budgeting process with the SGA to help pay for the "reduced talent show," and the costs of $3,000 for sounds and lights. This is a cut in cost of over $1,000 from years past. Some clubs said it would be their top priority to help make sure the talent show happened, but the SGA Exec Board volunteered to foot a significant part of this budget so that other SGA money can be utilized by the clubs and classes.

"Their generosity, along with the Department of Student Involvement, makes many things possible that might not otherwise have been possible," said Staff Coordinator Bill Beardlsee.

Despite the funding limitations, Beardslee and the three students are doing their best to make sure the show is as close to the original ones as possible, therefore it is taking a bit of extra time to plan everything out accordingly.

"The Show is being moved from April 5th to April 27th to afford us the time we need to get everything arranged from proper rehearsals to staging, lights, and an overall game plan," said Beardslee.

Every year the FP talent show is dedicated to raising money for a pre-determined charity organization. Jackman said they hope to bring in over $1,000 to benefit the Feal Good Foundation.

The Feal Good Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public and spreading awareness about the health effects many 9/11 first responders have faced. The organization also provides financial assistance to those responders for the financial burdens they have had to face over the last five years.

The foundation was established by a 9/11 first responder, John Feal, from Nesconset, Long Island. After spending a week at ground zero, he was injured when a piece of steel fell on his foot.

Auditions for the show will be held on March 29th, April 5th, and April 6th. These auditions will be for both those interested in performing in the show, and for those interested in hosting.

"We want a nice mix, obviously dancers and musicians, and it would be nice to have comedy acts too, because you don't see too many of those," said Jackman. "We would also like to see the usual groups Raven Thunder, B.R.O., and everyone else to return. Basically we want any student that might not normally be recognized for their talents."

They hope that this event will also help strengthen the bonds between Franklin Pierce and the surrounding community. They have spoken to members of the Rindge Selectmen Committee who also agree. Jackman believes that as members of the community witness events such as these, they will be less likely to only associate the college with what they read in the police logs.

"Everyone should come out to this even and support the first responders and the Franklin Pierce community," said Jackman.

For more information on the Feal Good Foundations check out their website,

Note: Franklin Pierce University and the Franklin Pierce Student Government Associaction do not endorse the views held by Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth or its members. The support is expressed soley for the efforts FealGood Foundation to benefit the 9/11 First Responders.