WeAreCHANGE grills congress man Robert Wexler on 9/11 truth

WeAreCHANGE grills congress man Robert Wexler on 9/11 truth

Gary, Luke and Jay from WeAreCHANGE introduce the congress man to 9/11 truth and make sure real issues are focused upon at his event


Someone should've asked Rep. Wexler why he voted AYE

on H.R. 1955.


Perhaps, like many others claim, he didn't read it and his staff told him it was non-controversial?

We cannot let this happen in the Senate, brothers and sisters. Contact your Senators and the relevant committee members listed here:


Good to see a very civil and yet direct confrontation of a member of Congress.

Keep up the good work, We Are Change!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

here's what gets me

they confront wexler - which is good for the right reasons, BUT has any of those three signed wexler's petition for impeachment?

"Administration...fought it tooth and nail.....

the whole way," Wexler--about 9/11 Commission

Wexler's quote does size up the commission pretty well!

...don't believe them!