Civil Information or Truth Squads? 9/11 Truth Tactics Debate Tonight on 9/11 and Empire Radio

8-10 pm CT, Call-in 888-202-1984
radio schedule and guest list:

Another jam-packed show with activists AND researchers, celebrating the 11th of the month!

During the first hour, Canadian activists Richard Brinkman and Wayne Prante will join me for a civil debate on the relative merits of "civil information activism" versus truth squad confrontations of famous figures. Richard and Wayne have been critical of recent We Are Change truth squad actions, while I have been cheering them on (while also cheering for the kind of information activism Richard and Wayne champion). Last week I had four major-league truth-squadders on 9/11 and Empire Radio, so this week I'm offering Richard and Wayne a chance to air their side of this debate. A minor controversy on this issue recently erupted here at 911blogger:

So, you want to "be change", huh?

Getting The Truth Out: What works?

An Apology to We Are Change

The second hour will feature researchers Craig Ranke and Aldo Marquis of, which along with Pilots for 9/11 Truth has made great progress investigating the Pentagon attack,
followed by former Army Intelligence Officer and noted internet essayist Captain Eric May, who recently hit the front page AND editorial page of Bush's hometown alternative paper, the Lone Star Iconoclast:

Captain May's "Beware the Odds of March" (an appropriate topic on the 11th!)

Leon Smith's Editorial calling for an investigation of Captain May's uncannily accurate predictions of oil refinery explosions:

who were the

"activist guests"? who represented we are change? did anyone ask them why they attack and confront people like Griffin and how they think that HELPS the Truth movement any?

questioning and attacking are very different aren't they

There are some serious political disagreements and understandings of our problems in the 9-11 truth movement. We are not a monolithic entity with a priest class above being questioned and differed with are we?

He was asked a question down in San Diego about whether he had any connections with the Rockefellers and what his stance on world government was. It was not confrontational. And he answered them. A dialogue about perspectives on global governance and democracy is being started. Did I "attack" Mike Gravel?
WeAreChangeLA questions Candidate Gravel on the People's Understanding of False-flags as a Potential Trim-tab

I admire many aspects of Mike Gravel's public service as do I David Ray Griffin. No one in our movement should be above intense dialogue, questioning or debate. This is a diverse movement that can only internally benefit from dialogue and vigorous debate anchored from a place of respect. I'll bet Mr. Griffin isn't against being asked about his views on what he sees as global democracy. He might have an opinion on what the best way is to facilitate that dialogue. I don't think DRG wants to be a "high priest" of the 9-11 truth movement. He probably just want to be the scholar and citizen leader he is.

No one that I have heard of has "attacked" David Ray Griffin. Please educate me to the facts if I am wrong.

I think the idea of truth squads are very powerful. I would be willing to be truth-squaded by a member of the 9-11 truth movement or someone who clings to the official story. Interruptions and hecklings are different than truth squads, and I think they have a place too, though it's a much rarer place.