Is 9/11 written between the lines in "The Mist"?

Those of us who have a genuine appreciation for art in all forms, including motion pictures, know that the relevance of an artwork is not measured by how many awards are bestowed upon it, but by what it communicates to us as individuals, and to society as a whole. That being said, if The Mist is not already considered a classic American film, it soon will be. It is a horror movie on the same level as The Exorcist, Jaws, The Shining, etc. The writing, the acting, and the direction are all flawless.

It does not have what most films have (including most classics), and that is a happy ending. This film was created to communicate a message. What that message is varies with the interpretation of each viewer. The message I got was this: We're in the shit, what are you (meaning me) going to do about it?

By the way, has anyone seen BUGS?

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