Press for Truth on Free Speech TV

For anyone with Dishnet Satellite Television, Free Speech TV (9415) is airing "Press For Truth" as well as "Winter Soldier" and other informative documentaries on a regular basis. This is not exactly mainstream network TV but is a pleasant surprise.
Here's the schedule.


Glad to hear.

May I suggest

that people also watch INN (news) on FSTV (every evening). These guys are 'truthers' and they also cover other alternative news every day. They also have radio shows on Wed., Friday, and Sunday evenings with very good guests (some of whom are truth folks) and some 'truthers' in other domains as well. (edit: on WTPRN )They do a very very good job and should be supported much more than appears to be the case.
Watch some videos of previous TV interviews on

International News Net World Report -- Real News the Networks Won't Tell You.

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