On Saturday, March 8, 2008, South Texas WE ARE CHANGE attended the Matt Gonzalez presentation at South Texas College (STC).

Discussed were such topics as the North American Union (NAU), the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC), and the need for a new truly independent 9/11 investigation.

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Good interview ... thanks for posting this

He is right that originally the public face of NAFTA (created by CFR) was suppose to enhance trade between all 3 countries, which it has to a great degree. However, the policy also created a destruction of the Mexican corn farmer by the US dumping corn on their market at cost that they cannot compete with, whereby wiping out many of their farmers who have to come north for work.

NAFTA was also created (CFR) to enhance Mexico's place at the table monetarily to be a viable candidate on par with Canada and the US so that the populous would accept it's inclusion in the eventual North American Union. This procedure is accomplished by breaking down the clout of the middle in the US by outsourcing manufacturing, allowing unrestrained illegal immigration the re-distribution of wealth of Americans to other third world nations.

In addition, driving Mexicans and South Americans north thru illegal entry into the US to be used as slave labor, and the American taxpayers are also having to pay for many benefits that those countries do not bestow on their citizens such as; education, emergency healthcare, food stamps, incarceration, legal, and court cost. Any tax contribution made by an IA, while working in the US, is returned to them thru the "Earned Income Tax Credit". As well, the remittances sent back to the IA's country takes it out of the US market system ... this amount averages around 30 billion a year. In addition, to the 5-10 billion dollars the US taxpayer gives to Mexico annually in the form of aid and equipment.

I could go on and on about the Trans Texas Corridor and CANAMX, but will spare you at the moment.

The only people who win in this paradigm are the elite.

I was impress that Matt Gonzalez would even talk with you about these issues, however, guardedly as he did even after going back to his book for reference. But I found it refreshing that the interviewer wasn't attacked by addressing the merit of exploring the ideas that a new independent investigation of 9/11 is warranted.

As usual, the questions asked by We Are Change are far more

insightful, profound, & factual than the tentative, superficial, double-talk responses given by the politician being asked.

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Matt would make an *amazing* VP, pro-9/11truth . . .

Matt Gonzalez is an amazing candidate who supports releasing all of the information about the 9/11 attacks. I've met him personally and helped out on a previous campaign. Take a look at his positions when he ran for mayor of San Francisco. He wanted a free bus system. He ran as a Green. He is a real person -- unheard of in politics, and only barely lost the election because the Dems paraded all of their top people through SF to make sure a Green couldn't take the mayor seat.

He is the opposite of "double-talk", btw.

Matt on the Issues:

Matt's endorsements:
(environmentalists, labor unions, progressives, etc.)

He is a friend of Don Paul, who has done a lot of 9/11 research and work.