Maher Arar and the 9/11 Myth


photo Canadian Broadcasting 2004

Get me to Syria, I need a quick 10 Mil

I went to the University of Victoria last night to see a panel discussion called, "Civil Liberties and National Security: The Maher Arar Panel"

This panel was comprised of Maher Arar, his wife Dr.Monia Mazigh - who has a PhD in financial economics and ran for the NDP in the 2004 federal elections in the riding of Ottawa South, and thirdly, Stephen Toope who is the Arar Commission fact-finder, human rights law scholar and UBC President. The panel discussion was moderated by UVic Law Dean Andrew Petter - just in case the assembled guests were to break out into a rousing contest involving Indian leg wrestling, or possible declaration of a thumb-war. In case you haven't heard about the Maher Arar case - here goes:

Maher Arar is a telecommunications engineer who was born in Syria and emigrated to Canada when he was 17. Holding dual citizenship in Canada and Syria, he was returning home to Canada from a family vacation in Tunis in September 2002 when he was detained during a layover at JFK airport. The US government suspected him of being a member of Al Qaeda and then deported him to Syria where he was held for almost a year, during which time he endured deplorable conditions, as well as routine torture.

The Canadian government held an inquiry into Arar's case and concluded that he was innocent of all charges, whereupon they publicly apologized and delivered a compensation package to him in the amount of 10.5 million dollars. The US government, however, has refused to clear Arar's name and continues to keep him and his family on their watch list. Currently there is a case pending - Arar v. Ashcroft, which is being pursued by his U.S. attorneys at the Center for Constitutional Rights seeking compensatory damages on his behalf, declaring the actions of the U.S. government illegal and in violation of Arar's constitutional and international human rights.

The fluffy feel good story for all the rubes out there
(what they want you to believe)

The war on terror is real, and after the horrible events of 9/11 perpetrated by the evil Al Qaeda Muslim type radical Jihadists, we find the American authorities acting on inaccurate information from the RCMP. Everybody was naturally a bit jumpy because of the terrorist attacks, and so authorities acted overzealously and mistakes were made. Truth and justice prevailed in the end however, and we have apologized for our errors while making restitution to this unfortunate individual who suffered unduly, and we can all learn important lessons for the future so this type of incident never happens again, Yada Canada, yada freedom and democracy, yada yada yada...

Something more like the truth
(don't read this if you go Baa)

The war on terror is a complete hoax, the attacks on 9/11 were in fact a false flag operation carried out or assisted by the US government, which is demonstrably complicit in this event and its cover-up. Used as a pretext for the genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan, this tragedy is also a turning point and a catalyst for the bigger plan to implement a North American Union in 2010, while advancing the agenda for one-world government replete with the destruction of nationalities and cultural identities. 9/11 was necessary to justify the abrogation of human rights and personal liberties in order to usher in the current world-wide security grid, necessary to implement the above plans.

Canada is a willing partner in this scheme, being complicit in the stand-down of NORAD which allowed the planes to hit their targets on 9/11, by its military support for the US regime, and also by enforcing unconstitutional and illegal measures like the no-fly list and other legislation like Bill C-36, The Anti-Terrorism Act. Canada is actively engaging in treasonous activities by negotiating secret deals like the SPP to further the North American Union agenda, as well as signing agreements like the one enacted on Feb. 14th 2008 in Texas that paves the way for the armed forces from either the USA or Canada to send troops across each other's borders during a civil emergency - a good definition for the word TREASON.

The truth is "hate speech" only to those who have something to hide. -- Michael Rivero

The entire National Security doctrine is predicated on the existence of Al Qaeda. The history of this organization is inexorably tied to the CIA since the Soviet-Afghan war. The US intelligence community created Al Qaeda, nurtured it, and is now utilizing it as a central proposition for their "war on terror". Even among most of the dissenters of the current administration, the tendency to blame our protectors for security failures which allows terrorism to thrive is in itself a ruse - if you demonize the government for ineptitude you still buy into their myth and central premise regarding Al Qaeda. Once you apprehend the basic fraudulence of the US government's claims about this mythical organization and their omnipresent threat to the world - the entire "war of terror" unravels and we can clearly see it as a system of lies, hatred and fear promulgated to benefit a small, malevolent group of psychopaths.

This is precisely the issue I have with Maher Arar and the panel discussion I witnessed last night at the university. The problem being that the official myth is bolstered by the omission of facts, not by the assertion of what is already known. You can't look at the Arar case without talking about 9/11, and if you start from the proposition whereby you care so much about one man and his right to justice - we must by extension give at least that much concern for thousands and subsequently millions of innocent lives that have suffered as a direct result of this tragedy.

It's one thing for the UBC President Stephen Toope to explain to us about his excitement and fascination while fact-finding in a human rights case such as Arar's, or the pursuit of minutia relating to concurrent elements of detainees and their stories which could corroborate one's guilt or innocence. It's fascinating stuff indeed Professor, but my thoughts kept drifting to the mountain of irrefutable evidence involving controlled demolition of the towers on 9/11, or the suppression and destruction of evidence in that case. Yes Mr. Toope, it's amazing how you noticed the subtle nuance of detail regarding aspects of Maher Arar's incarceration - the stairs in the prison, the bucket of filthy water noted by different inmates, etc. If you truly possess the academic curiosity and work ethic that espouses such professional assiduousness when it comes to details, and especially pertaining to events involving suppression of human rights, you will no doubt want to look into some of the more subtle clues in our possession regarding 9/11 - like the many bombs going off all over the WTC site. Maybe you might be so animated and enthralled to look into the fine little details pertaining to Building 7's collapse at free-fall speed, not being hit by a plane, into its footprint, evidence of thermite, molten metal, insurance fraud, news reports of collapse before it happened, counting down to the implosion - you know, subtle, wispy things like that. Maybe we could carefully go over a few hundred other anomalies and incongruities regarding this blatant false-flag operation. Are we at all curious about this major event responsible for unjust laws currently enacted in our own country, not to mention the wars?

"Canada is fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan in retribution for the 9/11 attacks that killed at least 3,000 people, including 25 Canadians" - Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor

"We are there [Afghanistan] because of the deaths of about 30 Canadians in the World Trade Centre" - Prime Minister Stephen Harper

I had read about Maher Arar and his story, but it was a different impression I received when listening to him directly. I do feel horrible about what happened to this innocent fellow who was just returning home from vacation, and I'm ashamed at my own country for taking part in this travesty of justice. I'd like to also mention that Dr. Monia Mazigh is rare among people I've had the honour of seeing in person - this individual demonstrates an uncompromising devotion to human rights, as well as speaking with a voice that evinces compassion and understanding.

What I found most intriguing about Maher Arar was his opening statement where he asserted first and foremost, "Terrorism is very real". Do you mean state sponsored terrorism is very real? Is it the media crafted idea of terrorism that is very real? - the one that vilifies Muslims in general, the one that got you put away and tortured for a year to advance a political agenda even though you were completely innocent?

ter·ror·ism – noun, the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes.

I want to question this man who was imprisoned and tortured for a year, received compensation along with a public apology, but still manages to reinforce the lies put forth by his captors. Not because I doubt the sincerity of his words, but just because I need clarification on his terminology. Either he believes in the story of Al Qaeda being responsible for 9/11, or he is aware of the volume of evidence pointing to complicity of the US government. In either case - How can you try and give us the impression that the official myth concerning terrorism is genuine, when you yourself are living proof that they are using innocent victims to reinforce the lies for their war on terror? As you were incarcerated unjustly, what makes you think others might not be as well? Also, at least you are still alive - I wouldn't trade any amount of money for what you went through, but in another sense we have many more millions of people dead and suffering because of this treachery.

Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison. - Henry David Thoreau

Until we have a proper investigation exposing the real criminals behind 9/11 - we will be forced to sacrifice our sons and daughters in these wars of aggression, along with our freedoms, our rights as individuals, and any sense of dignity as human beings.