Z-Day Zeitgeist Critique on Dynamic Duo Today, 4-6 pm CT, GCN

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Tomorrow, Saturday 3/15/08, is Z-Day -- a worldwide celebration of the phenomenal success of Zeitgeist, the film that combines 9/11 truth with a critique of religion and money-control as elite brainwashing tools: http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com

While I admire Zeitgeist and applaud its success, I want to give equal time to critics of the film's blithe dismissal of religion. Today on Dynamic Duo I'll be discussing the film with two such critics. During the first hour, Brother Eliot of http://www.beitshalomministries.org will deliver a hardcore Christian perspective on the flaws of Zeitgeist part 1. In the second hour, freethinking ethnic Jew Henry Makow will offer his critique:

Personally, while I have a somewhat different take on religion than the one espoused in Zeitgeist part 1, I think we need to support fellow 9/11 truth advocates regardless of differences of opinion...and besides, Zeitgeist is a brilliant, thought-provoking film, whatever else you think of it.


I would also like to hear what Santa Claus and his helpers have to say ..
"Brother Eliot of beithshalom will deliver a hardcore christian ..."
Could we please try to stick to the issue and not suck up to all kinds of religious cooks ?
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

These "religious cooks" as you call them....

just happen to be hardcore 9-11 truth activists. By the way, I am assuming you meant kooks, although I am sure Brother Elliott can probably find his way around a kitchen just fine. Brother Elliott walked across the country to protest the war and the 9-11 cover-up.


He took part with Brother Raymond to create a very good 9-11 film, 9-11; The Birth of Treason.

The Brothers also did a film on the war, Iraq; The Death of Reason.

Peter, know who you are talking about before you open your mouth. And if you want to call people names, for any reason, please take it somewhere else. I would also ask, What have you done for 9-11 truth Peter???

Thanks to Kevin for giving this perspective a voice.


With all due respect Mr. Barrett, if it were possible for people to agree on religion, or if there were one absolute indisputable truth, there would already be only one universal belief system.
Since there's not and there never will be, it's best to leave religious issues to everyones individual opinions and interpretations. There is no gain in debating religion. It is also best to respect others opinions including those of the makers of Zeitgeist and leave it at that.