Required Viewing For All Patriots: "In Lies We Trust" is the "Loose Change" of the Medical-Industrial Complex

I have seen several excellent medical-truth documentaries recently, but this one seems to coherently connect the dots between several controversial medical subjects, and to the big picture of historical and present-day deceptive government control of the populace,

As an ever bigger picture with greater perspective of the situation, I have learned there are at least three major areas of deceptive government control of the populace, with their own means of sustenance and control:

1. Military-Industrial Complex; means of sustenance and control: propogation and perpeutation among the populace of war.
2. Medical-Industrial Complex; means of sustenance and control: propogation and perpeuation among the populace of sickness.
3. Financial-Industrial Complex; means of sustenance and control: propagation and perpetuation among the populace of debt.

Weve all been fooled

Hiv is probably harmless. its only in 1/1000 cells and doesnt do anything when injected into animals. Some of the top scientists in the world have spoken out against the hypothesis. Nobel prize winners like Kary Mullis and Walter gilbert a Harvard MCB professer, Retroviral UCB expert Duesberg, Dr. Shyh Ching Lo the military's highest ranking infectious disease pathologist, amongst many more. See the film hiv fact or fraud.

The only microbe to worry about is mycoplasma inconitus/penetrans. This was what was part of the biological weapons program and was discovered by Dr. Shyh Ching Lo of the army. Every animal he injected it with died. When two top Cancer researchers found it in the blood of sick Gulf war one vets armed agents from the DOD threatened them to stop their research, and their boss was shot in the head five times right after he told Garth and Nancy Nicolson it was part of the biological weapons program. Read their new mindblowing book Project Day Lily.

Think mycoplasmas are Harmless? Read this excerpt from a Miami herald article on a summary of Dr. Lo's peer reviewed work.

"Lo laid all his cards on the table. He had detected an organism similar to a bacteria, called a mycoplasma, in cells taken from AIDS patients. He could not find the organism in cells of healthy individuals. When he injected the organism into four silvered leaf monkeys, three quickly developed low-grade fevers. All four lost weight. All four died within seven to nine months of infection. When they were autopsied, there was Lo's mycoplasma in their brains, livers and spleens.

Lo also reported finding the mycoplasma in the damaged tissue of six HIV-negative human beings who had died from unspecified causes after suffering from suspiciously AIDS-like symptoms. "

Is Hiv Guilty Miami Herald 1990

Thanks! It sounds very revealing. I’ll watch it a.s.a.p.

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