Whether you agree or disagree with part 1 and 3 of the internet sensation, Zeitgeist, part 2 is packed full of convincing and logical evidence about the 9/11 attacks. On March 15th, thousands of people will watch the film in theaters and showings world-wide. Not only that, but it is also a day of activism. Do your best to spread truth.

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I'll be attending Z-Day Event in Denton (College Town)

A few from our group have 200 copies of Zeitgeist plus a few hundred other films
to give away at the Z-Day event in Denton a college town 35miles north of Dallas.

There are peace rallys happening all over the country on the 19th Wednesday.



North Texans for 911 Truth (new site)

Message from a local Z-day organizer in Denton TX

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to say thanks for coming to the screening last night. Even if most of it was preaching to the choir, it's nice to look around and see that you're not alone in the fight. The fact that all of you care enough to educate yourselves means so much to me. Special thanks to Joe and his crew for bringing all the DVDs to pass out. I really appreciate it and I hope everyone gets a chance to check them out. (Now I have something to keep me from working on my term paper over spring break. Yay! Procrastination!) Remember, it doesn't stop here. Don't even take everything you saw in Zeitgeist at face value. Take the time to do some of your own research, and see what you can learn. Together as a people we can topple the powers that be with the weight of their own hypocrisy. Find your truth, find your voice, and fucking use it. Spread the word to anyone and everyone. The time has come to stand together as a people and take back the world that the universe (god, destiny, chemical chance, whatever you wanna call it) has bestowed upon us. Everyone can feel free to drop me a line if something is going down, and I'll hope I can do the same for you if I catch wind of something. Sorry if I'm rambling now, but whereas most of you were probably sleeping recently, it's almost 8AM and I just got home from the work thing that I went to after I left the movie last night, so please forgive my lack of coherence. Until next time, keep your eyes wide open, and your third eye squeegeed clean.

your friend in revolution,

C&J Productions

North Texans for 911 Truth (new site)

Free thought

can't hurt you . . . I thought all parts were stimulating

An addendum to the copy of the film supplied to the person ..

hosting the event states there will be a sequel in October of this year.

North Texans for 911 Truth (new site)


I think this film has surpassed Loose Change as the most watched online film ever. I like all 3 parts, religion is kind of a waste of time.