Let's Give James a Straight Answer . . . to His "Open Question" to Truthers - Are We all Talk and No Action?

(He better hope Geraldo Rivera doesn't read his words re an "armed [sic] over throw" . . . Or rather WE better hope not . . .)


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March 16, 2008

An open question to the "Truth" movement...

By James Strait

If 9/11 is as the “truthers” say it is, a governmental conspiracy, then that reality would be of such horrific magnitude that if I truly believed in such, that I would be a leader for armed over throw of an irreversibly immoral government. If the truthers version of 9/11 were true, it would be the most vile act in all of American History, and it is the stuff that is worth sacrificing your life and legacy over.

Why are the “truthers” all talk and no action?

Authors Website: www.straittalks.com

Authors Bio: Host of "American Voices"-Wednesdays 7-8PM Eastern & Thursdays 8-9PM Eastern, airing on WNJC1360 in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania radio market(live internet stream www.wnjc1360.com); Occassional guest/co-host of Voice of the Voters. Most importantly, a concerned and involved American.


The 9/11 Peace Movement has truth on its side and does not need violent actions. You cannot solve problems with the same thinking that created them, as Einstein once said.

We want to make big changes in gov't, but in a legal manner.

Of course the real perpetrators who flew aircraft into buildings need to be punished, and punished severely. However, we must seek this agressively in a legal fashion, not though anarchy.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

Of course. I meant that we

Of course.

I meant that we are are not all talk, we take plenty of actions, in a myriad of non-violent ways.

I was hoping 9/11 truth activists who read this would email him and tell them what they are doing to spread awareness . . . They don't just spend all day blogging about the issue (though we need some to do that, too).

I guess my point in posting this wasn't clear . . .