WeAreChange vs Prime Minister Harper

WeAreChange vs Prime Minister Harper


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-O8GaeMHihI (See this link for more hyperlinks)


Fed up with a "Manchurian Candidate" Prime Minister that continues to harm Canada and commit treason against the country we love , we show up @ the Westin Bayshore (Vancouver) to voice our strong opposition.

1. Why have you secretly allowed for an agreement with the United States military to operate on our soil ? A military that condones and openly practises torture such as waterboarding,secret prisons and even taking pliers to childrens genitals ? some have called this an act of treason

2. Why do you continue to hide from Canadians the fact that the North America Union is real and being done undemocratically ? some have called this an act of treason

Do Canadians employ you or does Robert Pastor ?

3. Why did your associates last week deem it necessary to interfere and subvert the election process in the United States last week vis-a-vis the Obama leak ?

Will you be asking the RCMP to investigate the source of the Obama leak or was this attack already successful and now you hope it goes away ?

4. Why are you pandering to your evangelical base and trying to censor what Canadians watch with Bill C-10 ?

5. Why did RCMP Agent provocateurs go unpunished when trying to inflame peaceful protesters at your extremely secretive Montebello/ Bildeberger/SPP meetings last summer ? Speaking of which who paid the bill for the massive security ?

6. The Kean-Hamilton Commission is now complaining that they've been lied to by the CIA. Knowing this now and with 24 Canadians killed on 911 and the bodycount rising in Afghanistan will you open a parliamentary investigation into the events of 911 ?

Keep up the good work !

Well done Vancouver and Ottawa. To borrow a line from the Fujita thread

" whilst local Australian politicians had not bothered to even send a single message of support."

The same can be said for Canada and other countries. Their silence about mass murders-including their own citizens -amounts to compliance and seems to certify a general breakdown in Western democracies.

Great day for (We Are) Change

Nice work We Are Change.
Way to go for the throat. I can't wait to see more of this on the campaign trail. Harper won't know whether to sh1t or go blind.
Nowhere to run Nazi Harper. Nowhere to hide.
Today is a great day for Change, not on ly in Toronto and Ottawa but also in NYC with Luke and the original WAC.


Great job guys. Nice to see some familiar faces. :)

Please, please take your sunglasses OFF when being interviewed

by the media. These opportunities are rare and this will immediately make you appear much more friendly.

Other than that, great job Canadian brothers and sisters!

I'm curious, how is 9/11 truth received by folks in the Canadian peace movement?

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

We get along.

"I'm curious, how is 9/11 truth received by folks in the Canadian peace movement?"
I was at the anti-war protest March 15 in Toronto. It was a hodgepodge of protesters representing different causes and regions but all united against war.
Out of approximately 1000 protesters there were maybe half a dozen recognizable Truthers. We're not welcomed as heroes but then we're not rejected or ignored either.
Let's face it friends, 9/11 Truth has come a long way in the past few years because of the internet, street protests and especially the work of groups like We are Change. I think we are all a lot more certain and confident in our beliefs and our presentations and that attitude wins people over more easily.
Things have changed. There's not the animosity and denial we saw recently.

Thank you WAC Vancouver for

Thank you WAC Vancouver for a job well done!

You were informed and articulate, and with few exceptions, not out of line. This is the type of thing WAC should really concentrate it's efforts on.

There are so many issues that are not disputable, which require articulate but uneqivicol citizen dissent, as our parliamentarians have failed us and allowed successive regimes to act in secret to destroy our nation.

I am glad that some of you did not try to disguise yourselves. That lends it self to infiltration by provocateurs and to PsyOps. The more you normal you are, the more normal people will listen, relate and join.

The more hard core you are, the more you (we) will be discredited and shunned. Think about it.

Be yourselves. Be who you are, think outside the box - be free and stay free.

Most importantly, I have not read any headlines that read "9/11 conspiracy nuts attack Harper" and no one calling for us all to be put into camps. Awesome.


- Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth http://www.FV911Truth.org

- 9/11 Civil Information Blog http://911civilinfo.blogspot.com


give him the business

Great work WAC/Canada, I am

Great work WAC/Canada, I am so pleased that your organization has combined the issues of NAU and 9/11. So much of the time movements become marginalized by clinging to only one issue. NAU could not advance under stealth as long as it has if not for the distraction of 9/11, wars, loss of civil liberties, being herded by cries of terror, outsourcing middle class jobs, importing slave wage labor, and being crushed by collapsing economy and dollar.

This is all advanced by their agenda on a OWG, and all of these issues are connected. Great work in bringing them together and confronting the individuals who are responsible.

WAC, I like your style!

You guys are great! I love the please come out Mr. Harper and surrender peacefully approach! Harper seemed to be mindful of all the attention as he slithered out the back!

Great Work!

...don't believe him!