The Holocaust Happened to People Like Us

The Holocaust Happened to People Like Us

MTV Warns Viewers of Looming Police State

The two MTV commercials below blatantly warn its viewers to wake up and start thinking about the direction our society is headed towards. These small warning chirps coming from the young canaries at MTV are a sign that the human spirit can break the tight grip of the corporate controlled media. Tune in to the alternative for the latest on what's really happening behind the scenes. Click the link below.

Watch the MTV videos Below.

Unclear message.

Very effective as a fear tactic but if solutions or answers are not offered it does nothing but confuse the average viewer.
I wish the message was more clear. Especially for young people who tend to be susceptible to suggestion yet less likely to
understand the context.

The holocaust is an exageration

Russ Hallberg

Google "Did six million really die" and 1948 Red Cross Report. In any case, it's great to see someone trying to motivate folks out of apathy and passivity. Good job, MTV!