Richard Gage coming to Victoria BC - April 20th


The tower collapses probably involved demolition

Architect Richard Gage leads a large body of professional opinion that seeks to reopen the inquiry into the events of September 11th, 2001, in the light of compelling evidence that the Twin Towers and Building Seven collapses involved deliberate demolition.

Gage courageously articulates the widespread U.S. view that warmakers intervened in the 9/11 events to cause the collapse of the Twin Towers and the U.S.A.’s top-security skyscraper, Building Seven, thereby destroying vital evidence and triggering a contrived “war on terror” and military invasions in the Middle East.

Gage’s persuasive professional analysis shows for example that 118 first responders witnessed explosions and flashes; tons of molten iron was “flowing like lava” under the buildings; thermite, an incendiary used to cut steel, was found in the World Trade Center (WTC) beams and in WTC dust; and three buildings were destroyed on 9/11, including Building Seven, a 47-storey skyscraper that fell at nearly free-fall speed into its own footprint.

The very credible Mr. Gage will be speaking to a capacity audience at:
2:00 pm, Sunday April 20th
St. John the Divine Anglican Church
1611 Quadra St.
Victoria BC Canada

If you would like more information, call Rowland Morgan on 250-732-0921
or contact 250 383-2417

MP3 Audio Clips - Richard Gage

Friday March 14, 2008
Richard Gage, AIA broke into mainstream radio last Friday morning
March 7th at midnight in a one-hour interview on the Christine Craft
show on KGO-810(San Francisco ABC)
(21 Min - 11.3 Meg)

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Saturday March 8, 2008
Peter B Collins stands tall in the 9/11 truth saddle and interviews Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
(42 Minutes - 12 Meg)

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Wednesday October 24, 2007
Richard Gage AIA, Founder of Architects For 911 Truth, Talks Truth on Drive Time Radio About Explosive Demolition Of The 3 WTC High-Rise Buildings

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Why does Canada have all the fun?

I'm starting to wish I lived in B.C.? It seems all the action is there?

Hats off to alexjonesfan, you continue to add a lot to this website. Thank You!

...don't believe them!

Will this event be placed up

Will this event be placed up on It wasn't under the Appearances label. thanks.

I saw Richard Gage on Dec 1, 2007 in Phoenix

He is awesome! About 250 people showed up.

He spoke for about 4 hours and changed 37 of 39 minds that night.

The two lemmings who still believed the official stupidity wouldn't
explain why, even though he asked them to. They just left.

If you get the chance, go see him!

It is a very hard pill to swallow for most new to the truth

and some are just not willing to do it in 4 hours.

I'd say 37 out of 39 is pretty darn good.

It will be good when we can get a structural engineer to join Richard Gage in making these presentations, or in making parallel presentations.

The truth tide is turning, brothers and sisters.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

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