Never forget 9/11 Dedication Video

Please check this video out we made for a friend of ours who asked us to do something special for him.


Very nice! I like the music & the Alex Jones audio!

Also, good pic of "UA-93" (at about 1:33) which allegedly crashed in Shanksville--it's nothing but a smoky hole in the gound! How can they possibly get away with that?

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

I remember as if it were yesterday!

I will never forget!! I remember running about the upper roof of the Federal Building taking pictures of all
the airplane debris. I just wish I could have had the insight to get a picture of one of the airplane debris
serial or parts numbers. It seems like yesterday, but it feels like a 100 years waiting for the real truth of
what happened that terrible day. Thanks My Friend