Japanese Senator for 9/11 Truth Calls for Movement to Step Beyond Internet – Steve Alten Answers the Call

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March 20, 2008 at 10:52:14

Japanese Senator for 9/11 Truth Calls for Movement to Step Beyond Internet – Steve Alten Answers the Call

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Japanese Senator, Yukihisa Fujita, a member of the main opposition party in Japan, gained world renown through non-US media and in the US via youtube, for his assertion on national Japanese television that 9/11 was an inside job. He recently spoke several times about the importance of www.PatriotsQuestion911.org in waking him up to the lies of 9/11. He stated that the architects, engineers and physicists like Professor Jones have made the case of controlled demolition well, and now it is time for politicians to be organized, and connect internationally and make joint petitions to the US Government or Congress, and to request the United Nations have independent investigations of 9/11.

However, speaking at the 911 Truth Conference in Australia last week, he was adamant that, in order to create the public pressure to make that happen, now it is time for the 9/11 truth movement to move beyond the internet circles, and into the main public arena. It is time to bring 9/11 truth to the more common people’s world, he asserted.

New York Times best selling author, Steve Alten, has been living the call of the Japanese Senator in recent weeks, speaking on National CBS Radio thru nearly 200 radio stations on WTC 7, the 9/11 War Games, the illegal destruction of WTC forensic evidence and other pressing 9/11 truth questions.

Last week Alten launched into 9/11 questions at a major book fair in Florida, when on a panel with horror author Steven King’s son, novelist Joe Hill. He stunned over 200 attendees who’d come to hear tips on writing.

Steve Alten offers the current, best hope, for 9/11 truth issues to explode into mainstream media. For his efforts major 9/11 truth leadership embraced his efforts . . . however, in the blogosphere too many 9/11 truth activists have urged others not to support Alten. This is terribly damaging to 9/11 truth efforts, because if the movement rallied around Alten’s new 9/11 truth telling historic-novel “The Shell Game,” and drove it into the top 10 of the New York Times list . . . 9/11 truth would find its way throughout mainstream media through Alten’s relentlessly courageous voice.

Beyond that, independent publishers, one of which published Alten’s book when major publishing houses (who’d published his previous non-controversial books eagerly) turned their back on the controversial issues in the 9/11 truth telling “The Shell Game,” . . . are watching what happens with it.

IF they see it succeed they will be emboldened to publish more. If the movement watches corporate media effectively sabatoge this powerful 9/11 truth issue raising tool . . . and just shrugs and goes "oops, we did the best we could, we mentioned the book a couple o' times" then the publishing industry will see that book's demise. It may well be the last one we see, whereas its success could usher in a host of truth telling works.

Anne Coulter, the insane best selling author, hits #1 with her books, and because of the publishers keep pumping them out and promoting them like crazy. WHY? Because they make money. Her fanatical fans buy them, supporting her, and driving them up and her onto national media.

The 9/11 truth movement can do the same, for a work of hard facts! Why is it that only fascist lunatics can relentlessly and enthusiastically support their authors, and the truth movement can't. Of course, we can if we choose to.

However, it is not too late. A major 9/11 truth effort to drive “The Shell Game,” to the top 10, can still occur. All we have to do is make it happen, to talk about it, write about it, call into mainstream talk shows about it, post on not just 9/11 blogs, but on all progressive movement blogs about it. And to keep discussing it on 9/11 truth boards, blogs, in newsletters, radio programs and emails, again and again and again.

Those strange so-called 9/11 truth seekers who have scorned Alten’s courageous efforts, have said “The Shell Game” should get there on its own without our help. Given that Alten’s works have reached the NY Times best seller list several times over . . . it would, since “The Shell Game” is his best work. HOWEVER, corporate media that aided his other non-controversial works . . . has of course, turned their back on the explosive 9/11 truth telling “The Shell Game.” Therefore, if the 9/11 truth movement wants to get the benefits of 9/11 truth access to mainstream corporate media, as Japanese Senator Fujita is urging us to do . . . we must help “The Shell Game” in every way possible.

We are closer to 9/11 truth breaking out than we may think, Senator Fujita explained in Australia. Fujita spoke to former UK minister, Michael Meacher while at the European Parliament 9/11 Truth Conference recently.

You may remember that years before, Michael Meacher, UK Minister of the Environment in the Blair government had gained international attention when he had stated facts in national media that pointed to 9/11 being an inside job, and was forced to resign from the Blair government for his courageous statement of facts. Japanese Senator, Yukihisa Fujita, speaking at the Australian Oz 2008 911 Truth Conference this week, said that Meacher now says that there are twenty or more members of the Labor Party in Parliament who also now believe 9/11 was an inside job. Futhermore, he was told that there were over twenty other Parliament Ministers, from other parties, who would support a viable effort to push for a new 9/11 investigation.

Senator Fujita also said that former national minister, Meacher, told him that as Bush steps down and Blair steps down “our time is coming.” Right now today, the 9/11 truth movement has the opportunity to break the truth out into lightspeed using the courage of best selling author Steve Alten, and the position his new historic-novel puts him in.

Alten is desperate to get as much 9/11 truth issues into the mainstream as quickly as possible, his fear being that the subject of his book of a neocon false flag attack on America, to fool us all into war with Iran and possible even to subvert the US Presidential election . . . may be coming true.

He sites Paul Craig Roberts warnings of just such a coming event, and Bush and Chertoff’s ongoing “threats” of a coming attack on America that will dwarf the 9/11 attacks. He sites the recent resignation (firing) of Admiral Fallon, the highest ranking officer in the military to resist an attack on Iran by this administration. Alten stepped up his efforts to engage the 9/11 truth movement to help him gain a larger voice in mainstream corporate media, offering to donate $5,000, and more, to 9/11 first responders suffering from their being lied to about the air quality at ground zero. Alten pledged to donate $5,000 to the first responders for every week “The Shell Game” hits the top 10 list of the New York Times best seller list. He challenges the 9/11 truth movement to conduct a campaign to make that happen. WHY?

When a book hits the top 10, it is posted in every bookstore in America and in the New York Times, itself. It becomes corporate media talk show content, and provides a platform for the author to speak to America. It only takes 30,000 sales in one week to reach the top 10. The 9/11 truth seekers in America now number in the tens of millions.

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This campaign to raise funds for the first responders by promoting “The Shell Game,” should be on the top home page of every 9/11 truth website permanently. WHY?

Yes, to help the first responders, but even moreso to do what Senator Fujita urges us all to be doing . . . break 9/11 truth out beyond the internet.

It is time to ask ourselves as a 9/11 truth movement, are we in this to simply fight the good fight, or are we in this to win?

If we are in it to win, we must be creative and take opportunities when they arrive to break into mainstream media. “The Shell Game” and Alten have been that opportunity, and still are. If you are unaware of why that is true, just listen to this 4 minute clip from his CBS National Radio interview where he brings up 9/11 truth issues. This clip covers the War Games and the FBI being forced to not do their job before 9/11, but he also got into WTC 7’s bizarre collapse on 9/11, and the illegal destruction of WTC forensic evidence after 9/11

HEAR THIS INTERVIEW CLIP AT: http://theshellgame.net/interview.mp3

View a video of Senator Fujita’s appeal to MOVE BEYOND THE INTERNET at:http://www.911blogger.com/node/14441

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