Montreal 9/11 Truth asks: "Montreal, The Next Terror Target?"

"Montreal 9/11 Truth has just produced a documentary film exposing a networked video surveillance contract that the Montreal Transit System (STM) has signed involving a company with an alleged shady history and very close ties to American and Israeli intelligence services."

This looks very well researched, with lots of original footage. Good job, Montreal 9/11 Truth.

(A good film to watch prior to this is 7/7 Ripple Effect which examines similar connections to the London Underground Bombings.)

Here is a YouTube playlist for the whole documentary;

Here are the direct links (below the fold);

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Very alarming! (btw, "9/11 Ripple Effect" is one of the best,

if not the best, 9/11 truth videos out there!)

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"The Pod" is a bunch of

"The Pod" is a bunch of disinfo garbage, I don't think Ripple Effect is the best by a long shot. What about Press for Truth or Final Cut?

""The Pod" is a bunch of disinfo garbage"

Ever hear of Dov Zakheim? How about Flight Termination System?

Or is it just that anything pointing to the real perps & away from 'islamofascists' is considered "disinfo"?

If you’re talking about

If you’re talking about Zakheim's remote control device that was a ground based box that from what I've read interfaced with equipment IN THE NOSECONE not in some magic "Pod" that makes us look like kooks.

LOL, How long you been researching 9/11?

And what's 'magic' about Boeing 767's being modified as aircraft refueling tankers? This is Dov's business, no? I suggest more research & less worrying about what shills & half-wits think of you.

Recommended reading

ERROR: 'A Pod Was Attached to the South Tower Plane'

There is no credible evidence that what crashed into the South Tower on 9/11/01 was anything other than Flight 175. The jet was seen by hundreds of people and recorded by scores of cameras as it flew over the Hudson River, approaching the World Trade Center from the southwest, and careened into the South Tower, erupting into a spectacular fireball. But ideas that something entirely different occurred have been a staple of some 9/11 skeptics since at least the middle of 2003, and have been promoted to much greater visibility in 2004. These ideas are so numerous and shifting that a full accounting of them would be next to impossible. We examine only the more prominent and recurrent ideas here.

Two of the more polished campaigns to promote the above ideas in 2004 are the website and the In Plane Site video. Both promote a very similar set of assertions about the South Tower plane.

How did patsies who couldn't fly Cessnas box-cut pilots to death

& fly airliners hundreds of miles to find & hit their targets???

Answer: They didn't.
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That's right it probably was

That's right it probably was remote control, I agree. But you don't need a "Pod" to do that.

I used to think that too, but "9/11 Ripple Effect" presents

strong evidence about UA-175 having an anomaly underneath its fuselage, as shown in the videos of it approaching the South Tower. (I don't believe that's UA-175 striking the tower anyway, it's more likely some sort of drone, so anything is possible.)

The video also presents a few accomplished pilots attesting to the anomaly as well. The rest of the video is rock-solid, with a fine segment on Larry Silverstein & "pull-it."

(I'd also like to know what that white-hot object is flying out of the crash scene. Some have said it may have been thermite/thermate or white phosphorous. Perhaps it was supposed to impact WTC-7, making it’s implosion look more plausible.)

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What's the "strong evidence"

What's the "strong evidence" for the "Pod"? Is it that "strong evidence" that Popular Mechanics loves so much? You know the push over to debunk garbage to do with shadows etc and the electronic shorting of equipment in the nosecone of both planes that caused the "flash"? I'm sorry but "the Pod" is total trash and completely unnecessary, I mean just LOOK at all the hard evidence we already have! Why push the "Pod" at all, let alone OPEN UP YOUR FILM WITH THE JUNK? Which is exactly what "9/11 Ripple Effect" does. 7/7 Ripple Effect on the other hand is different though in my opinion and quite good.

" I mean just LOOK at all

" I mean just LOOK at all the hard evidence we already have! Why push the "Pod" at all."

I don't know enough to say whether the pod and flash evidence is solid or not, although Dave's films seem to make a good case. But I have to say that the above statement is exactly what the "left gatekeepers" say about 9/11: "We have enough evidence about the criminality of the government that bringing up something that can't be absolutely proved is just a distraction." And the answer, of course, is that, while the evidence we are sure of may be good enough for some, why not make the case as solid as possible? And it's the attempt to censure evidence that makes them "gatekeepers."

Of course, if something is obviously false, it plays into the hands of the criminals to present it, and we would be better off to ignore it. If it can be shown that the flash and pod are certainly untrue, then so be it. But that's not the same as saying "we have all the evidence we need without it, so why bother."

Fred W

My last OT comment.

The 'flashes' and the 'pod' are clearly visible anomalies, but who says they have to be connected?

Anyway, an excellent documentary by Montreal 9/11 Truth. Only thing I would cut is part eight.

This is old stuff that has been out there for years

The "Pod People" And The Plane That Crashed Into the Pentagon

Lately, in their efforts to plant more bogus information on the web for the media to use to ridicule doubters of the official story, the shills have used over-processed and blurry photos of the 9-11 planes to claim that they carried "pods" on the outside (which the ground crews at all the airports somehow never noticed). For that reason, the government shills have come to be known as the 9-11 "Pod People".

I respect your opinion.

Have you actually read Operation Northwoods? The people who committed 9/11 are the same ilk as the ones who talk about fake flights & fake passenger lists. I just doesn't seem plausible they would entrust such a vital part of the plan to half-wit hijackers.

"which the ground crews at all the airports somehow never noticed"

Umm, This is like the "Too many people would have to be involved some one would speak up" straw man. I don't think the planes that hit the WTC (Modded Boeing 767's) were ever on the ground at any of the alleged airports, that's my educated opinion. As far as Shills go, I think the shilliest of the Shills are those that are pushing the Limited Hang-out escape plan ("Arabs really do want us dead!", or LIHOP for short.) for the real perps.

The simpler the plan

the greater the chance for success, agreed?

Simply by modifying factory installed anti-hijack systems the planes can be taken over remotely from anywhere (like an E-4B, perhaps?). When the planes are at altitude the cabins are depressurized, everyone is knocked unconscious and the planes are flown into their targets. End of story.

While plane substitution is also quite probable, it is a significantly more complex operation.

I want to see some serial numbers on some aircraft wreckage with cross references to maintenance records (chain of custody records would be good, too).

Mr. Monaghan, keep up the great work!

Speculation is fine within the truth community, but we should always present only the most solid evidence and reasoning to the public when making our case.

One doesn't wear a polka dot tie and a red yarn wig to a job interview, after all (unless it's with the circus).

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Disinfo artists refer to the anomaly as a "pod." "9/11 Ripple

Effect" does not call it a pod, and several very credible pilots in the video agree that there is an appendage on the lower fuselage.

Since I believe that most or all of the airliners that crashed on 9/11 were likely swapped drones, having special equipment on the alleged "UA-175" is not a big stretch to me.

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The strong evidence is that they show video of an appendage

on the bottom of the airliners fuselage, and a couple of accomplished pilots state that something extra is indeed there.

Keep an open mind, DBLS.

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The Empire at work.... its mission towards global domination. Verint sounds like part of the agenda. It's well worth watching the Montreal 9/11 Truth group's documentary.

I always get a kick out of Peter Power's interviews. His admission of a drill in progress at the very locations and time and nature that had to go live on the morning of 7/7 in London, has left me to wonder?

Was Power so detached and disrepectful of the public's capacity for intelligence he thought his admission would go unscrutinized? Or , was Power so arrogant he wanted what amounts to an opportunity to laugh in the public's face? His view, possibly, the public is so stupid they'll accept anything we throw at them?

...don't believe them!

Stick to the topic at hand.

It's pretty important.

Yes. Montreal is in danger of being the next terror target for

the very suspicious reasons stated at the top of the blog. The perpetrators may also select Montreal for an element of surprise, since it is not within the U.S., yet it's still so close it would scare the hell out of us all.

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Great work guys. This is exactly what we need.