Ray McGovern Debates James Woolsey On The Iraq War

Click Here (24.3MB .mp3)

In 2004, Robert Greenwald made a movie entitled, "Uncovered: The Whole Truth About The Iraq War". In it, there are such notables as Karen Kwiatkowski, Scott Ritter, Ray McGovern, and many others. I'm assuming around that time (because I don't know the exact date of this debate), Charlie Rose had CIA Analyst of 27 years Ray McGovern, and Former CIA Director James Woolsey on his TV show to discuss the arguments made in the film. You can watch the debate here, however, the voices lose sync with the mouths, and it becomes annoying (hence the reason I recorded it). This definitely appears to have taken place before the famous "Downing Street Memos", and John Conyers' hearings (copy & paste the URL and open it in RealPlayer).

I thought Ray did phenomenally, as he always does. I'll let you decide how well James Woolsey did. This debate is new to me (hence the reason I'm posting it).

James Woolsey Is On The Same Level As Dick Cheney

James Woolsey knows a great deal.