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I pray, but there are many misunderstandings about prayer. For many prayer is talking to God, sometimes with a great list of requests and needs -- sort of like a child's Christmas list mailed to Santa Claus....

....Prayer changes our frame of reference; it is not merely a preparation for action. Rather, prayer must be understood as an action in itself, a potent political weapon to be used in spiritual warfare against the most powerful forces of the world. Prayer is not undertaken in place of other actions but is the foundation for all the other actions we take.

I recall the way Archbishop Tutu would pray in South Africa during the apartheid era. His prayers constantly affirmed God's power over the claims of the state -- that God's power was a threat to the state's power. And prayer, in recognizing God's authority over the evil powers, moves us beyond opposition to affirmation and beyond resistance to celebration. Thus, prayer and the results of prayer can be the most revolutionary of acts. The powers that be in this world are aware of this. That is why they consider those who pray in this way to be a threat....


The Beatitudes from Prayers of the Cosmos

The Beatitudes

by Neil Douglas-Klotz

Jesus said:

Tubwayhun l'meskenaee b'rukh d'dilhounhie malkutha d'ashmaya.

(KJV version: Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.)

Happy and aligned with the One are those who find their home in the breathing;
to them belong the inner kingdom and queendom of heaven.

Blessed are those who are refined in breath; they shall find
their ruling principles and ideals guided by God's light.

Tuned to the Source are those who live by breathing Unity;
their "I can!" is included in God's.

Healthy are those who devotedly hold fast to the spirit of life;
holding them is the cosmic Ruler of all that shines and rises.

Resisting corruption, possessing integrity are those whose
breath forms a luminous sphere; they hear the universal
Word and feel the earth's power to accomplish it through their own hands.

Healed are those who devote themselves to the link of spirit;
the design of the universe is rendered through their form.

Jesus said:

Tubwayhun lawile d'hinnon netbayun.

(KJV version: Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted..)

Blessed are those in emotional turmoil; they shall be united
inside by love.

Healthy are those weak and overextended for their purpose;
they shall feel their inner flow of strength return.

Healed are those who weep for their frustrated desire; they
shall see the face of fulfillment in a new form.

Aligned with the One are the mourners; they shall be comforted.

Tuned to the Source are those feeling deeply confused by life;
they shall be returned from their wandering.

Jesus said:

Tubwayhun l'mskikhr d'hinnon nertun arha.

(KJV version: Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.)

Blessed are the gentle; they shall inherit the earth.

Healthy are those who have softened what is rigid within;
they shall recieve physical vigor and strength from the universe.

Aligned with the One are the humble, those submitted to
God's will; they shall be gifted with the productivity of the earth.

Healed are those who have wept inwardly with the pain of
repressed desire; they shall be renewed in sympathy with nature.

Integrated, resisting corruption are those who have dissolved
heavy morality within; they shall be open to receive the
splendor of the earth's fruits.

Jesus said:

Tubwayhun layleyn d'kaphneen watzheyn l'khenuta d'hinnon nishbhun.

(KJV version: Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness:
for they shall be filled.)

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for physical
justice--righteousness; they shall be surrounded by what is
needed to sustain their bodies.

Healthy are those who turn their mouths to receive a new
birth of universal stability; they shall be encircled by the
birth of a new society.

Aligned with the One are those who wait up at night,
weakened and dried out inside by the unnatural state of the
world; they shall receive satisfaction.

Healed are those who persistently feel inside: "If only I
could find new strenth and a clear purpose on which to
base my life"; they shall be embraced by birthing power.

Integrated, resisting delusion are those who long clearly for
a foundation of peace between the warring parts of themselves;
they shall find all around them the materials to build it.