Yukihisa Fujita addresses Oz 2008 911 Truth Conference

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9/11 Japanese main opposition party questions 9/11 in parliament

Thanks alexj: This is a must see

Stunnng stuff. Judging from the nods and facial language, THEY ALL KNOW!

The Truth is out! More sh*t will surely hit the fan from Japan.

Is the international community waiting for Bush to exit?

Short of a Bush administration declaration of martial law or some sort of unknown outside force, McCain, Clinton or Obama will be the next POTUS. Will the international community be less afraid to speak out more vociferously for 9/11 truth with any of these candidates as the pres?

I get the sense from Fujita that the international community is waiting for Bush to leave the White House before taking steps. I get the sense that they think this administration would stop at nothing to destroy their enemies and that they are safer addressing 9/11 with another less “trigger-happy” administration.

Mr. Fujita has my deepest respect. His willingness to speak out to the international community regularly may have the most profound impact on this movement since Dr. Jones discovered thermate is the WTC dust.

I'll say, this Mr. Fujita is really going out on a limb! Bravo!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

Right on time . . .

FBI Top Ten Most Wanted


This is the opening page story on http://www.refdesk.com

More and more frequent buttering-up the herd . . .

Thank you again Mr. Fujita

It is uncommonly brave of Yukihisa Fujita to join the Truth Movement and speak in Europe and Australia.

His humble, straightforward manner of presentation adds credibility to the Truth Movement.

Hopefully, more MP's/Senators/Rep's around the world will find the courage to join him and speak out.

It's nice to

see a brave, honest & common sense man speak out. Let's hope some Australian MP's get the same

Thanks again Rep for your great posts

For the record:

I presume the video is from the proceedings of the Truthnow tour of 14 - 16 March 2008, Sydny, Australia.

(Incredible but I could not find this info on the video page of Google, not on 911tv, nor on truthnowtour.com)

See how simple that was?

All he had were paper notes, a few photographs and the ability to reason and question and apply common sense, and in 30 minutes he was able to demolish the official story AND hold his government's feet to the fire for their lack of action. Why can't one of our own representatives do the same?

Such an inspiring man!

Has common sense. Asks the right questions. Thinks independently and rationally. Cares for other people.

Especially in Japan, where politicians are not regarded very high by the population, it is refreshing to hear Mr. Fujita speak. Unfortunately, I have no right to vote in Japan, but I recommended to my (Japanese) wife to vote for him at the next elections.

This man should be a lightning example for politicians around the world.