Creating Large "Eye Catching" 9/11 Truth Banners or Signs Cheaper Than A Sign Shop

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers
I have been making signs for over two years now and I would like to share with you some techniques I use that keep the costs down but they take a little time to make.

Making Large 9/11 Truth Banners Or Signs
With a few materials and some "Print Shop" type software you can make a visible eye-catching 9/11 Truth banner or sign. I use 81/2 by 11 inch card stock and colored or white paper. I taped (clear mailing tape) together the card stock to the size I need. I then printed 2 or 3 CAPITAL LETTERS (landscape way) on each paper to make the letters very large. I then taped down my printed letters on the taped card stock. Next, I completely covered the banner or sign with clear mailing tape. I then bordered the banner or sign with duck tape. I punched holes in the banner on the edges through the duct tape. I drilled holes in 8 ft boards/sticks to match those holes in the banner and used plastic fasteners to attach the banner to the sticks. I also cut out flaps to help fight the wind. For the large signs on the wagon picture I made 2 identical signs and taped them together (back to back) leaving the bottom open. To make the signs easy to carry I attached long green metal fence bars (you can use wood sticks also) to a coaster wagon. I then put the inside of the sign over the fence bars.
In my area we have Home Depot and the fence bars are less than $2.00 each. At Office Depot you can buy 250 sheets of card stock for around $12.00. I buy packs of 6 rolls of mailing tape for about $14.00. 500 sheets of paper stock runs between $5.00 and $7:00. Ink cartridges are expensive but I use an old Laser Jet 4 printer and buy the $100.00 ink cartridges. This cartridge prints a lot more for the buck. A 5' by 31/2' foot sign uses 28 sheets of card stock. The best part of making your own sign using card stock is that you can size it the way you want according to how you want to display the printed message. The signs are also easy to roll up and not that heavy. I can make about 10 large signs with this material. It is a lot cheaper than having a sign shop doing it. I would guess that you need about 3 to 5 hours time to make one sign depending on how large it is.

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I also put some pics of the signs and banners in the attachments

I hope this encourages you to make some great looking signs as we hit the streets for some 9/11 Truth street action this spring, summer and fall.

Take Care Matt

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