This commercial is NOT a (intentional) satirical joke

Elixir of freedom.

Very perceptive advertisers capitalizing on our suspicion of the growing police state/fascist agenda. Let's face it anyone who spends any time online can't avoid something having to do with false flag, 9/11 truth, neo fascism, etc.
Advertisers are always looking for dynamic new ideas that appeal to their target market and chances are they are scanning the net for ideas. It's very clever actually if you look at it that way.
I particularly liked the expression "the elixir of freedom." It truly is.

Very curious

Keep your phony dewMOCKracy and I'll work to keep my Constitutional Republic.

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Don't you see the irony?

A corporation is pushing pricey, caffeinated sugar-water(an addictive drug) to the us under the guise of an "elixir" to help rescue our freedom and democracy from the oppressors. The Corportocracy has already destroyed our democracy, so THE CORPORATISTS ARE OUR OPPRESSORS. The reason they are laughing at us is because they are making a joke and a profit out of something we patriots consider as serious as death.

One more thing I'm NOT missing by NOT watching TV*

I rarely drink anything with bubbles in it and then it's French champagne.

Let me guess, the ad was directed by Orwell's grand-nephew, right?


(* other than the beautiful game and CSPAN, that is)

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