Dr. Daniele Ganser in swiss television about 9/11

Dr. Daniele Ganser is a popular swiss historian doing research about 9/11 for several years now. The swiss tv station U1 asked him several questions about the different theories of 9/11. Here is a small translated section of this interview - more from him to come, if wished...

There are some misspellings in the translation as it was done in a rush, but I guess you'll get the point anyway.

More please.

If you have more, keep it coming.

Yes please

Yes more, maybe he'll mention the 4th option:

Not American elements in the government are responsible
but foreign elements (Israeli). They have a lot to gain having Americans fighting the wars against their enemies and are hugely overrepresented in American government compared to other minorities.
The head of homeland security (Chertoff) is a dual Israel/American citizen to cry oud loud.

Keep them coming, bitte

I'll even put on my Bayern Munchen* jersey and drink Paulaner Weißbier, if you like.

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No, really, I have great respect for Dr. Daniele Ganser, his chapter in 9/11 & American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out had a profound effect on me, and I would greatly appreciate anything you can post.

(* I have been a Bayern fan since the early 1970's)


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


This is a pretty old interview. Its a rather small tv channel that aired this.
The main (german language) swiss tv station sf.tv is not exactly open about the subject.
For example, this week, they reported about the new osama video in a manner that was sickening.
My (politely formed) comments on their website all got deleted. Its not like the public is informed here, im afraid.
I have respect for Ganser too, but i whish he would be a bit more to the point at times.
And btw, hes not exactly 'popular' in this country. Hardly anyone ever heard about him, and he doesnt get much airtime or anything like that at all...

Yes, he's pussy footing

He is afraid to speak for himself. But you must gve him credit. He is doing more than alot of people dont DARE do.

He is just reporting the schools of thought (with an emphasis on the truth).

He does not dare say the ZIONAZI's did it.
To MAKE little Nebraska farm boys go out to fight and die for ISRAEL and OIL

Still, I found it very interesting to see the perspectives from a birds eye vew..

A bit harshly put, but yes, correct


This was fantastic

I had an emotional feeling of relief to hear the subject discussed in a calm, rational manner and the old fella pronouncing so matter of factly that the whole world has been deceived so far about 9/11.