The Passing of a Legend — Goodbye, Michael Corbin

The Passing of a Legend — Goodbye, Michael Corbin
March 19, 2008

(PID NEWS) — THIS is a very dark time for listeners of A Closer Look with Michael Corbin, for a great light has gone out.

Yesterday afternoon, legendary radio host Michael Corbin, passed away in Denver, Colorado, following a massive stroke that had left him in a coma since Monday.

Corbin might well be called the father of alternative news, both in radio and on the internet. Beginning in the 1980s with FIDONet, Corbin refused to accept mainstream media spin, choosing instead to dig into first hand accounts from news-watchers all over the world. It was through FIDOnet, that Corbin met Indira Singh; and it was through Singh that Derek and I grew to know and appreciate Corbin’s work.

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