WeAreChangeLA meets Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson: "The 9-11 Commission's findings have a number of imperfections..."

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson was in town on Wednesday, and Garko and I from WeAreChangeLA got a chance to listen to an interesting conversation and ask him about 9-11. Ian Masters, the moderator, defensively jumped the gun on my question about 9-11. Wilkerson dodged the question on whether he supports a genuine investigation of 911. What he did give was an insightful perspective on the "totally useless" intelligence community. I still think that he is harboring serious anger at Cheney and serious resentment at the intelligence community. I want to know what he knows and thinks about 9-11.

He started out, after saying that it was total news to him that all these CIA vets had questioned the 9-11 Commission, by stating that "the 9-11 Commission's findings have a number of imperfections..." He then went on to describe the uselessness of the hi-tech intelligence apparatus. I agree with him on much of his statement, but he spun away from answering the yes or no new investigation question fairly skillfully.

I think I should have gone a bit more forcefully at the facts of 9-11 rather than bringing up CIA vets to get a clearer response from Wilkerson. What do you think? What are the most effective ways to ask different people questions? What are we after?

There may be more of this talk and encounter later...

Before/After +bit of talk

Before asking him about his take on a new 9-11 investigation, I asked Colonel Wilkerson to meditate on the possibility that nefarious may be an understatement to describe people who honored the coming of the spring of '05... of '03 by manufacturing an aggressive war...

Here's a very interesting clip about "intelligence" and the run-up to the Iraqi invasion:

Wilkerson doesn't have alot of respect for Feith. He also listed Feith with about 5 other people who he thinks should and could be imprisoned after a new president and Congress are elected:

Recommended reading

Thanks for this. Nice opening and great question.

Too bad about his answer -- incompetence, waste, and poor decision-making. He doesn't know what went on but instead delves into the general criticisms of intelligence.

Just an aside on Bob or Robert Baer, see:

The Classics of Robert Baer

I personally avoid the Patriots site because of the mixing of hoax advocates in there:


I instead refer to individuals, or Jersey Girls, etc.

I think that it's worth noting that Col. Wilkerson

joined Colin Powell in 1989, just after Powell oversaw the illegal shipment of at least 2,000 TOW anti-tank missiles to Iran as part of Iran/Contra. He was working with Powell during George H.W. Bush's illegal invasion of Panama and kidnapping of Manuel Noriega when Powell was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as well as during the genocidal hoax of Gulf War I.

Thus, it is safe to say that Col. Wilkerson is up to his chin in this business and simply decided to jump ship before it all goes under.

We can send him a copy of Dr. Griffin's new book 9/11 Contradictions, but I will be amazed if he crosses the Rubicon over to 9/11 truth. Unless, of course, he really does want to come completely clean about everything he's been involved in.

That said, great job, good questions and thanks for a very good post.

I look forward to seeing and working with you in the near future.

West Coast Convergence, May 11th!

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