The following email sent out by Les Jamieson has some great questions & answers to use when speaking with the general public about 9/11 truth & the need for a new investigation!

Hello all,

Since many of you are active in the petition campaign and will be out with us on Saturday at Union Sq. Park, I want to share some dialogue points. For those on this list who are outside of the NYC metro area, these points should also be of value.


Speaking to people on the streets of NYC, or anywhere for that matter, on why we need a new investigation of 9/11 is always an educational experience. We always meet some people who recognize the value of what we’re doing and thank us for doing this work. We also meet people who question the validity of what we’re proposing. The questions or remarks they make are an indication of how uninformed they are about the issues of 9/11 as well as how uninformed they are about our history of war-making incidents. This is why it’s so important for us to be out there. In addition to taking responsible civic action, we’re providing an education that the public has been deprived of elsewhere.

Here are some typical questions with suggested answers. It’s highly advisable that you get comfortable with this.

Q: Why do we need another 9/11 investigation?

A: The government first did all they could to avoid conducting an investigation of the most devastating attack on U.S. soil. Then once they authorized an investigation due to pressure from 9/11 family members, they did all they could to obstruct it. Then the 9/11 Commission just took the government’s explanation of the attacks and proceeded to base it’s investigation based on that premise, rather than considering all possible scenarios. This is NOT an investigation. It’s a deception. We cannot allow this to stand.

Q: What do you think a new investigation would find that we haven’t learned already? (This question is usually asked as a setup. The person believes the government story and is baiting you to try and ridicule you. The goal is to give a few facts, then convey that all we’re proposing is to put the choice for a new, independent investigation on the November ballot.)

A: The chairmen, Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton, said themselves that the Commission was “doomed to fail from the start” in their book “Without Precedent”. They began by saying they would provide a full account of what happened on 9/11. Then soon after they said they didn’t want to find any blame. A mass murder occurred, we were given a flimsy and implausible explanation, yet they wouldn’t hold anybody accountable. Other Commissioners were very upset about the influence of the Executive Director, Philip Zelikow, because he had many conflicts of interest. When Commissioner Max Cleland stated “the American people were being scammed”, he was forced to leave. Bush and Cheney wouldn’t testify under oath or in public. These are just a few reasons.

(It’s also a good idea to include the issues of first responders).

Let’s remember, after 9/11 our leaders lied saying the air quality was safe. Now thousands of first responders are sick and their families have suffered greatly. They are still fighting for benefits and treatment. This shouldn’t be so a new investigation is warranted to address these issues.

Q: 9/11 is history, it’s over with. Why don’t you focus on current things like impeachment or the election?

A: Despite all the lies told by this administration, despite engaging in torture, illegal wiretaps, and all the rest, all the effort that has gone into impeachment hasn’t worked, has it? Regarding the election, do you think any presidential candidate will be allowed to oppose the agenda of the military/industrial complex and powerful corporate interests? We feel that the only way to bring about true change is for the public to take the power to legislate into their own hands through the ballot initiative process, and to reopen the 9/11 investigation to truly learn what happened and why. We have to ask “who had the means, who had the motive, and who benefited? Otherwise, as far as we know, the attacks could have been to manipulate the public to further the agenda for empire abroad as well as take away our civil liberties and create a police state at home, right? This is what the evidence reveals. Therefore, we have to act now to hold our leaders to account for crimes they’ve committed against the Constitution, to restore habeus corpus, to restore our privacy, and to end the extortion of our treasury for wars for oil and global domination. Otherwise, we’ll never get the funding that is necessary for jobs, infrastructure, education, alternative energy, etc.

Lastly, it's important to understand this. When it comes to truth, there are 3 types of people. Type 1 will seek the total truth regardless of how difficult it may be to deal with. Type 2 will seek truth up to a point. He is only willing to deal with truth that he can handle and will avoid the rest. There are many reasons, but the point is that we need to make it safe and show the necessity for having total truth. Type 3 has no interest in analyzing events or understanding history to comprehend truth. Maybe he doesn't have the emotional makeup, is just plain apathetic, or is naive enough to believe the government would never mislead him.

So if we can get just one or two points across to Type 2 and 3, we've succeeded. In the meantime, we try to reach as many Type 1's as possible and build a huge constituency.


9/11 Info Resource Series
Saint Marks Church, 2nd Ave. @ 10th Street
Easter Sunday, March 23rd @ 6:00 pm

"9/11 and Nationalist Faith" by Dr. David Ray Griffin

In the film, theologian and 9/11 skeptic David Ray Griffin discusses how "people of faith" are manipulated into disbelieving obvious evidence with regard to 9/11, evidence that points to the realization that the full story of 9/11 is yet to be told, and further, that it is quite likely that officials in our own government are implicated in the crimes of that day.

"Nationalist faith"---an idolatrous form of "blind patriotism," is the belief that America is the "exceptional nation," whose leaders never deliberately do anything truly evil, at least to their own citizens. As Dr. Griffin describes it, it is this pseudo "faith" that is the greatest obstacle to getting at the truth of 9/11, impeding the publics' ability to recognize that the official myth of 911 is a lie, a lie that distorts genuine Christian religiosity, and casts any questioning of the official myth as sacrilege! This presentation was given in Denver, Colorado, October 19, 2007

Suggested donation: $5

Truth will prevail,

NYC 911 Truth

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Recommended reading

Les has been involved in providing a stage and mic on each of the past two 9/11 Anniversaries to Judy Wood, Jim Fetzer and Alfred Webre, among others who have discredited our work and even directly disrupted our organizing.

I'm still concerned that Edgar Mitchell, a former astronaut who says that he conducted an ESP experiment on his lunar mission, who says he knows that aliens have visited the US, who is the keynote speaker at ‘X-Conference 2008’ (a large UFO conference in DC), and who is involved in pseudo-science claims like zero-point energy, UFO physics, ESP, and psychic cures, should have been selected as commissioner on the NYC Ballot Initiative. Why? See --

It seems to go along with choosing Alfred Webre to be a speaker at his groups' 2007 Anniversay event in NYC so that he could claim that hidden laser weapons outside the building caused the attendance to be low for the event.

On Alfred Webre --

Preview of Interview with Alfred Webre

ALFRED WEBRE - "Aliens gave time-travel technology to governments"
"Contact by UFOs is a grassroots education program for humanity," Webre says. He further adds that there are technologies like anti-gravity and time travel in the possession of certain governments that have been transferred by extraterrestrials."

On Leuren Moret & Alfred Webre --

"International Citizens 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal"

Links only to Morgan Reynolds, Judy Wood, Ace Baker, September Clues, Total Info 911, Fetzer's Madison Conference, etc. The "Tribunal" is to investigate the role of DEW, nukes, etc. in NYC on 9/11/01.

Mixing hoax or pseudoscience claims with strong evidence is called discrediting by association.