Truth through art

A photomanipulation I submitted to to help spread truth through art. The description has several quality links. Please spread the deviantart link to give credit to the owner of the stock photo. Thanks.

'BE the Change' by ~JustImages on deviantART

Credit due

I'm not sure who took the original photo so I credited a link to 911blogger instead, where I saved the photo from.

first link

The first link on the deviant site is broken due to a misspelling in the URL. Good job, though. A pretty diverse bunch post work on that site. My Australian art student stepson to one of the lead scientists at the Jackson Lab in Bar Harbor, Maine.


The (most important) like is fixed now. The pic is getting a lot of views so hopefully some seeds of truth have been planted.

That's my photo :-)

I took the photo you used. I sent you an email with a link to use for the photo credit.

Thanks for picking one of my favorite shots and feel free to use others I have taken, as long as it is used to spread the truth! The email contains some links to where you can find them.


V for Visibility!

I believe in "civil

I believe in "civil information as one effective tool for the 911 truth movement:

The artists in our society who use their skills and talent to communicate through art so others can understand,
will have a huge impact on our society creating a positive push towards the truth of 911... It too employs civil means!

Being an artist myself Ive always believed the artist can create his or her reflection of a reality through the medium of art...
911 truth can come to us by way of the spirit, body, mind and heart of the artist either through dance, poetry, painting, film making, photography, graffiti, literature, song, theatre and so on... Just look at how Dylan Avery by his talent has influenced so many to question 911...
Its so important in this day and age for those who hunger for truth that the artist step up to the plate and put their best talent forward for 911 truth.
Thank you for this one fine example!

I like the picture... "You

I like the picture...

"You must be the change you want to see in the world"--Mahatma Ghandi