April Issue of the Rock Creek Free Press

The April issue of the Rock Creek Free Press has gone to press.

As usual, the "newspaper not afraid to print the truth" is covering the news that the corporate controlled media won't touch.

The lead stories this month include one about Thimerisol in vaccines (the government concedes the link to autism) and Wayne Madsen's coverage of Winter Soldier. We continue our coverage of US torture practices and the use of bogus terrorism threats to justify the creeping police state.

This month we published three important 9/11 related stories:
FBI Refuses to Document Identity of 9/11 Planes -- coverage of Aiden Monaghan's attempts to get 9/11 information from the FBI.
Half Great, Half Terrible -- A book review by David Ray Griffin of Phil Shenon's book, The Commission.
International Demands for a New 9/11 Investigation -- by Carol Brouillet

The paper is available online: www.RockCreekFreePress.com

as always,

I can't wait! Thank you for all you do!

These guys are doing great work

Thanks for sending me the copies of the December and January issue. I showed them to Financial Times reporter Peter Barber and he seems to be writing an article about 9/11 truth. Hopefully he won't get stopped in his tracks.

Keep up the good work RCFP!


It's always pretty interesting reading....

I've passed my copy of Rock Creek Free Press around at work.

...don't believe them!