Norman Mineta’s Flight Path Statements - The Overlooked 9/11 Smoking Gun

Norman Mineta’s Flight Path Statements
The Overlooked 9/11 Smoking Gun

Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta has been a strong focus of the 9/11 truth movement due to statements he made to the 9/11 Commission indicating an alleged stand down order from Vice President Dick Cheney regarding intercepting the Pentagon attack jet. The implication that the attack was let happen on purpose or “LIHOP’ed” as it is often referred to by people in the movement, is hard to ignore. But other statements made by Norman Mineta in an interview with Robert Hager with NBC News regarding the flight path have even more serious implications yet have been virtually unnoticed.

The candid interview is from 2002 long before the NTSB released the data from the alleged black box in 2006 or 84 RADES released the alleged radar data in 2007.

Mineta reveals very general yet significant details about the flight path that would end up being completely contradicted years later with the release of all the official data.

Mineta explicitly suggests that then deputy director of the FAA, Monte Belger, told him that the plane was making what was described as the “down river approach” or the “DRA”.

"So then someone came in, the same person came in and said, 'Mr. Vice President, it -- the plane's 30-miles out.' So I said, 'Monte, can you see it, and where is it in relationship to the ground?' He said, 'Well, that's difficult to really determine. I would guess it's somewhere between Great Falls and National Airport, coming what they call the DRA, the down river approach.'."

"And so then the person came in and said, 'Mr. Vice President, the plane's ten-miles out,' and so I said, 'Monte, where is it?' and he said, 'Well, I'm not really sure but I'd be guessing somewhere maybe between the USA Today building and, and National Airport.'."

This would have to mean the plane actually looped around from the east side of the Pentagon which fatally contradicts all of the official data.

This is underscored when Mineta says:

“And in fact, later on, in looking at the radar track, the plane had actually over-passed the Pentagon, then turned around and then came back into it, and it never took a wide sweep to cross over to the east side of the White House.”

According to the NTSB and 84 RADES flight path the plane never "over-passed" the Pentagon.

But while Mineta suggests that it was never as far as east of the White House, the notion that the plane was east of the river and flew over DC skies is supported by a variety of other sources including air traffic controllers Colin Scoggins and/or Kevin Nasypany on the NORAD tapes, an early statement from white house spokesman Ari Fleischer, the C-130 pilot Lt. Col. Steve O’Brien, a report from ABC News, and numerous eyewitness reports including Steve Chaconas, a new previously unknown witness account independently obtained by Citizen Investigation Team.

Watch this 12 minute short featuring the testimony of Steve Chaconas:

The overwhelming evidence showing how the flight path was east of the Pentagon at all is a smoking gun proving the officially released data fraudulent.

All of the east side evidence is examined in detail in our new full feature presentation:

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There are at least 2 instant "ceckmates" vs. the official 9/11


1) If anything other than AA-77 exploded at the Pentagon.

2) If that wasn't UA-175 that slammed into the south tower.

Watch the 9/11 sleeper video: 9/11 Ripple Effect for info on both, plus a lot more.

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