9/11 Steelworker Speaks Out About His Ground Zero Recovery Experiences

If someone would do the service of composing a short write up of this interview we would be much obliged.

Interesting comment he made

Interesting comment he made about the infamous picture of the beam with the angled cut. He considers it a 'sloppy job' from a colleague., not a sign of demolition.

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I've also been cynical about the angle cut as evidence of demolition.


It's not the only thing pointing to CD.

Besides, sloppy jobs ar mostly sloppy because they were done under time pressure.
Why then would someone cut this collumn with an angle which takes lots more time?

Right. The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line

so there was much more to cut on an angle like that. (Shaped charges are indeed planted on angles like that.)

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Let us clarify

Earl stated that the i-beams were cut at an angle to prevent them from falling on workers who were laboring in nearby areas. Consider the following, it was a smoldering pile with low visibility, rescuers were searching desperately to find survivors; the last thing needed was for people to be injured as a result of a misdirected timbering column.
-Nick from Philly

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I've been

a welder fabricator, and iron worker for thirty years. You're not dropping a tree here. You would sling it with a crane to contol the drop.

I am on a cpu

that won't allow me to see the video. Ill check back later with comments.

Angle cuts were used in the cleanup

The Detusche Bank exterior cols were cut at an angle and then pulled in. I have pics of this somewhere from a news article about the taking down of the building... but I cant seem to find it at the moment.

Here's proof that the WTC exterior cols were cut at angles during the cleanup:

I am not making a statement about the famous angle cut... but one thing I would like to point out is the WTC destruction was not a "gravitationally driven" demolition. The buildings exploded outside their footprints. The WTC demolition would have worked in zero-g, so cutting the cols at a angle to "walk" the building (as is done in conventional CD) was not necessary IMO.

Do we have any pics of the other side of the famous angle cut column?
The purposefully made angle cuts do not look like http://img247.imageshack.us/img247/3187/cut3ol5.jpg

Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.

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Philly 9/11 truth has released a video interview with steelworker Earl Danielson, who worked at the Ground Zero cleanup after the 9/11 attacks. Danielson reported that “All of the steel went to Fresh Kills landfill in Staten Island. That was supposed to be evidence that they were bombed.”

When asked “Were there any items, desks, telephones, that were readily identifiable, that may have been in the buildings?” Danielson replied “No. None.”

Danielson said the steel beams he worked with were bent and looked like they had had extremely high heat applied to them: “That steel on 9/11 looked like turfus (?) taffy. And I’ll challenge any government official, any time, any place, anywhere. Turfus taffy...you know, the saltwater taffy. The steel looked grayish. It looked pathetic.”

Danielson said that suspicions of a government conspiracy ran high among the cleanup crew. “Something didn’t add up for all of us. A lot of guys were talking about it. They said, something ain’t right here. A lot of guys thought it was a conspiracy. There were a lot of guys who wanted to walk off that job. I wasn’t leaving, because NY is my home. I never ran from nothin’. And I ain’t gonna start running now.”

Asked about family members’ and first responders’ search for the truth, Danielson said: “It is your right. You want to know what happened there. Stop lying to them and be nice and tell the truth! As they say, what you do in the dark shall come to the light and more shall be revealed. STOP LYING!”

Thanks Kevin,

Thanks for sharing that.

Like the man said, to paraphrase

This is our country. We're not running from nothin'.

We Will Take Our Country Back.

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Number Of File Cabinets In Each WTC?

I think I heard Richard Gage say in a radio interview that there were an estimated number (10,000?...50,000?) of file cabinets in each tower and no part bigger than a few drawer handles had been found.

Does any one know what the number of file cabinets estimated was?


I find this a hard interview to listen to. The steelworker guy seems like he's trying to fix a Swiss watch with a Leatherman. . .

This guy's clearly no idiot, but how can communication skills suck SO bad? When pressed on specifics, he falls back on generalities. I'm wondering why he just wouldn't come out and call a spade a spade. . .

Maybe because he was given "instructions" by someone who told him don't let this out, or you'll be sorry. . .

The problem is that with the

The problem is that with the photo in question, the slag from the cut is clearly evident on both the inside and outside of the column. If it were cut with only a oxy-acetylene torch, then the slag would only be on the inside. The photographic evidence clearly shows that the cut was made with a device that melts the steel in such a way that the slag is distributed both inside and outside.

Very true.

and i said above. An angle cut would not be used to control the drop. Even in the extreme remote chance that it was. The top would have been rigged to a crane, and you would see bending,and ripping on the lower part of the angle. Then the final cut could be made from the inside.
but the picture clearly shows that was'nt the case. Cutter charge.....no doubt about it