Positive, Civil 9/11 Truth Activism in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada on March 22nd

Report from Saturday, March 22nd, 2008
by Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth

A few of us were out again for another Civil Information session last Saturday at 224th and Dewdney in Maple Ridge, BC (east of Vancouver) and again were very well received while handing out many fliers, DVDs and 9/11 music CDs.

We had a lot of friendly chats and no negativity whatsoever regarding 9/11 Truth, although one woman took exception with our stance on the war (bring the troops home until 9/11 is investigated or change it to strictly Peacekeeping Mission), as her brother is serving in Afghanistan. She said (according to him) that the soldiers are happy and are doing good, and therefore it matters not why we are there. We had a cordial 5 minute debate about that but then agreed to disagree. It is a touchy subject, especially when one's loved ones are involved, and we do not like to argue with anyone who disagrees and create a negative spectacle. She did agree, however, that 9/11 should be investigated and that the victims deserve truth and justice.

It was another well spent 3 hours talking to our neighbours and making new friends - and it was fun !

Sorry no new pics this time (but we have not changed much LOL). Hopefully next time we will get a better shot from across the street so that one can see just how busy this intersection is. On this corner (see previous pics) we are about 10 to 15 feet away from the busy street (Dewdney) but can be seen from 3 directions. Some drive by, see us and then pull up in the adjacent parking lot to receive flyers and DVDs. It is like a "9/11Truth Drive Through"! So far no complaints from the neighboring stores either.

If you were one of the people we met, thanks for stopping by and special thanks to a gentlemen named Joseph who bought us some coffees, as he appreciated what we were doing, how we were conducting ourselves, and having the opportunity to learn something new.

Civil Informationing works!! Get active and be civil! We don't have forever to get the job done, nor to do damage control after the fact (due to confrontations and rude or aggressive behaviour).

We would be delighted to take this show on the road to other towns around the Valley in the near future. Let us know where you are and think about a place for us to meet and to set up a Civil Info Centre in your area.

Let's just do it.

(No need to wait for the 11th of the month either. This was our 3rd time out this month in addition to what we do individually)


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