Comedian Margaret Cho For 9/11 Truth!

Top Comedian Believes In 9/11 Conspiracy
Actress Cho says Americans will be angry when they realize true agenda behind attacks

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, March 27, 2008

Top comedian and actress Margaret Cho has joined Willie Nelson and Charlie Sheen in questioning the official 9/11 story, stating that the public were going to become very angry when they realized there was a conspiracy behind the terror attacks.

Appearing on the nationally syndicated Alex Jones Show, Cho said her doubts about 9/11 were sparked by President Bush's non-reaction to the unfolding crisis.

"I got concerned right after 9/11 where the plane had hit the World Trade Center and he was in that classroom with all those children and they told him what was going on and he did nothing," said Cho.

"We were attacked for the first time on American soil and he did nothing - that's when I realized there was something very very wrong," she added.

Cho questioned the official story of what happened at the Pentagon, asking why so much footage of the twin towers being attacked was available in comparison with not even a clear picture of what occurred at the Pentagon - a far more sensitive and symbolic target.

"Why are they not focusing on that? What are they hiding?" asked Cho, "Of course it's going to be monitored from every angle at every second and yet we have no footage of it - it's very mysterious."

Cho said that there was usually a conspiracy behind every major event in American history and that when the conspiracy behind 9/11 was fully uncovered, people were going to be very angry.

The actress said that many of her Arab-American friends doubted the organizational skills of Al-Qaeda in being able to pull off the terror attacks and questioned the plausibility of the passengers on the plane not fighting back against the hijackers.

Ms. Chow is extremely perceptive! Why in the world would the

President of the U.S.A. sit there so very long after being told our nation was under attack??? It's absurd!!!

Ms. Chow is also very perceptive about AA-77 NOT blowing-up the Pentagon!!! How the hell does an airliner with a 125' wingspan disappear through a 16' initial impact hole in the Pentagon??? It couldn't!!! Show us the 80 videos already!!!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Sorry but Alex is claiming credit of somebody else

This was commented last year by William Rodriguez on an interview. He met her by an invitation of Rosie, LAST YEAR. Willie apparently opened her ears and you can see her picture on his website (top banner holding his Master Key). Alex is just publicizing it.

Also, you can see the picture of scandal ridden Ex-Governor of NY Elliot Spitzer also with Rodriguez. I wonder what was the talk of that meeting. Does anybody knows? Is Alex going to claim this one too?

Media - Michelle Cho & Daniel Sunjata

Friday March 28, 2008
Actress Michelle Cho tells Alex Jones that Americans will be angry when they realize what really happened on September 11, 2001

(22 Minutes - 7 Meg)

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Monday March 17, 2008
Daniel Sunjata, co-star of the critically-acclaimed FX Network television series, Rescue Me and Tony Award nominated actor who has performed in film, television and in the theater and who came forward with his support of the 9/11 Truth Movement over a year ago tells Alex Jones national radio audience how upset he is about the recent Geraldo Rivero vilification of 9/11 Truth activists

(19 Minutes - 5.23 Meg)

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even bigger guest on tomorrow's show

and a GIANT guest next week, according to Jones. presumably more celebs to lend their voice to the massive 9/11 Truth choir : )

sadly, it's what it takes to get some to pay attention, and I greatly respect ANYONE who puts their big comfy career on the line to speak up. Alex is great at getting people to start talking.

Let's see if those Neo Con Murdering Traitors

still think they can have the last laugh.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


i really enjoy the celebs for 9/11 truth.

I really enjoy

your dedicated work, AJFan. thanks for all you do. your site is a great resource!

suggested action

google michelle . . . you'll probably find blogs . . . comment and provide the direct link to this thread . . . geometry works.

Official story is collapsing into its own footprint

I think we should start taking bets on how long before the American public realizes they've been lied to. Go Alex!
You're a true patriot and it was through you that I came to realize all the crimes committed by this government.

Celebrities for 9/11 Truth -

Celebrities for 9/11 Truth - now that might get picked up by Star, In Touch, People, etc . . . and, hence, millions of Americans. The quickest path to 9/11 Truth?

Who will found it? : D

I AM just kidding, but . . .


"If we don't fight hard enough for the things we stand for, at some point we have to recognize that we don't really stand for them."
-- Paul Wellstone

Spreading Truth

"Celebrities for 9/11 Truth - now that might get picked up"

Good point, actually. The fastest way to reach mainstream America is to utilize celebrity venues (not that that's the way the way I want things to be). If a middle aged lesbian mother of four (Rosie) can garner so much media coverage, imagine the coverage if Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt showed up for a photo op wearing "Investigate 9/11" t-shirts... Who wants to attack the likes of them? Surly a great many of celebrities know the truth but are afraid to speak out, I don't really know why.

I personally much prefer the likes of David Ray Griffin over any overpaid celebrity, and I'm sure most of us would agree, but maybe in order to reach the masses, where the intellectual doesn't garner much attention, we must encourage those who have the public eye...

Most "celebrities" are compromised in one way or another

and know that if they cross THAT LINE they will lose their msm controlled status and their U.S. based assets very quickly.

Hopefully, many have moved enough cash to the Euro and will decide to stand for the truth before too much longer, time will tell.

Many celebrities are also surrounded by "advisers" who council them against taking "unnecessary" political risks, the good old "conventional wisdom".

Posing with African orphans and marching against unpopular wars is quite safe.

Now with all that said, my sense is that the public "buzz" about 9/11 has gotten to the point where some of the truly "maverick" celebrities are ready to step up and speak truth to power, folks like Sean Penn, Harry Belafonte and Carlos Santana, perhaps. Once a small group of "A listers" have made the jump safely, others will follow in a hurry as it will be the new "in thing" to do. Alternatively, if we see a serious "smack down" many will reconsider and recall the bad old days of the Hollywood blacklist era (a la Rosie).

The truth does not depend on any one person, nor will it wait for anyone.

Let's just keep working the public every day, brothers and sisters, and enjoy the unexpected surprises when they happen.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Good for her. But I want to

Good for her. But I want to correct her, 9/11 wasn't the first time we were attacked on the american soil. Perhaps she did forget about the WTC '93 bombing and the OK city bombing, which made lack of response by the US intelligence agencies in preventing the 9/11 attacks questionable. You'd expect them to improve security all around that would better their response to any threats, especially when it's clear and obvious (able danger, phoenix memo, the arrest of moussaoui). After the foiling of Bojinka in 1995, which much of information had been classified, they should have been fully aware that al qaeda had the motivation to plan a bigger attack inside the US by using planes as missiles. The magnitude of the 9/11 plot makes incompetence on part of the US intelligence agencies highly improbable..

I was only kidding!!!!!

All the times that these kinds of stories come up, and I accuse the TM of "Starf**king". The times when I say sarcastically.... "Who's next, Carrot Top for 911 Truth"?

I wasn't that far off was I? I mean, it was a joke,sarcasm, I didn't actually think we would be tromping out comedians. The comedy of it all, comedians fulfilling my comedic connections to comedians being truthers. The irony and comedy of it all, it's pure comedy. You know things are bad when a joke becomes the the....truth....move.....ahhh nevermind.

So two guys, a parrot, and a gerbil walk into a Truth Meetup.....woweewow....zazing......zazooo...blamo....boy are my arms tired I just flew in on a Boeing 767....Badummm PSHHHHHHH!

I still maintain that Mr. T will become a "Truther".

They have an audience

I think the media will probably spin it as you suggest but the American people are not dumb. Many of them will break free and begin researching it for themselves.

Corey Feldman for 911 Truth!!!!


Vanilla Ice for 911 Truth!!!

Double :0

Paris Hilton for 9/11 Truth

Forgive me for taking part in this silliness, but Paris Hilton did say to Larry King:

"That's something I was actually thinking a lot about in jail. I feel like, you know, being in the spotlight, I have a platform where I can raise awareness for so many great causes, and just do so much with this, instead of, you know, superficial things like going out. I want to help raise money for kids and for breast cancer, multiple sclerosis and..."

Seriously though, I think that (in most cases) celebrities speaking out for 9/11 Truth is a plus. Cho included.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Michael Jackson for 911

Michael Jackson for 911 Truth

John Travolta for 911 Truth

John Travolta for 911 Truth

world peace

Travolta, Tom Cruise and others, as Scientologists (although I don't know that much about the religion) it seems to me, should speak out for 9/11 Truth in the interest of world peace, etc, etc.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Encouraging news