Dutch MP Geert Wilders... incites hatred against Muslims

Just Released: Fitna the Movie: Geert Wilders' film 16 minutes (English)

Here you have it live: The Information War promoting fear and hate.

The film says more about Wilders than about Islam. Does he belong to the same Bilderberg group who are behind the cartoons?

The Dutch MP Geert Wilders has upset the Muslim world before, by calling for a ban on the Koran and likening it to Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.

Using descriptions of Hell, and footage from 911, London 77, Bali, and beheading footage released hours after Abu Ghariab, Geert Wilders tries to incite hatred against Moslems:

Geert Wilders' film is a continuation of the 911 scenario.

Herblay FRANCE

Geert Wilders' film is a continuation of the 911 scenario.
( The film "Wag the dog"
is a good lesson on how the scenario develops by unknown events

I had already found a link between the director of Jyllands-Posten( Mohammed cartons) and the Bilderberg group and you can be sure that the Bilderberg group are still writing our future !

Lay people, ... , Jews , Christians , Muslims , ... let us all work together to bring the 9/11, 7/7 , Madrid 4/11, ... criminals before an international criminal court ( Nuremberg bis ? ) before they put the world on fire and kill us all.



Good vision

I often wondered where ideas came from.

Wilder's film is more a recap or condensation of all the propaganda heard before. Nothing new.
Ironically, plenty of good will come out of this evil film.

I would have included Madrid in the post but I did not see many studies on this. Can you provide a link?

Looking forward to your film.

Here is a link to information on the Madrid attacks.

Herblay FRANCE

Bonsoir ,

Here is a link to information on the Madrid attacks.

http://journals.democraticunderground.com/DrDebug ==> section M-11

Am trying to find in my archived files my selectionned documents on the Madrid attacks. Will put them up on this entry when I find them

=========>>> http://oireland.tripod.com/oireland2.pdf
"To kidnap, torture and execute people are terrorist actions which are in no way related to God or to Islam,
and these actions are not rewarded by paradise as some ignorant Western media figures would like to
The terrorist event of New York 11 September 20001, and the terror event of Madrid on 11 March 2004, and
other terror events commonly connected to Islam, are clearly not related to Islam if we consider that the Al-
Qaeda terror organization was established by the C.I.A in the 1980s. Al-Qaeda is nothing but a conveniently
"Islamic" front which enables the C.I.A. to commit crimes in the name of Muslims. It is well known that the
Mujahadeen terrorists of Afghanistan were organized, trained and funded by the C.I.A. using the Pakistani ISI
as a "cut-out" in order to lure the Soviet Army into Afghanistan at the end of 1979. The Mujahedeen can be
seen as C.I.A. terrorism with an islamic name and "islamic" perpetrators. Afghanistan has, for all purposes,
been destroyed by these fanatics in furtherance of American interests."

=========>>> http://inn.globalfreepress.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=467
From The Times June 21 2004: "The man accused of supplying the dynamite used in the al-Qaeda train
bombings in Madrid was in possession of the private telephone number of the head of Spain’s Civil Guard
bomb squad, it emerged yesterday.
The revelation has raised fresh concerns in Madrid about links between those held responsible for the March
bombings, which killed 190 people, and Spain’s security services."

=========>>> http://www.guardian.co.uk/afghanistan/story/0,1284,649744,00.html
Investigation in The Guardian: 'Documents compiled in Madrid, Milan, Paris and Hamburg and seen by the
Guardian indicate that most of the known attacks planned or executed by al-Qaida in the past four years had
links to Britain.
........A senior German intelligence officer summed up the mood [in europe with respect to Al Qaeda] when he
said: "All the clues lead to London. All the roads lead to London." '

=========>>> The Deception that Islam or Muslims Are behind Terrorism in Brief



"FITNA can for the moment be seen on dailymotion.


The above film "FITNA" has been removed from LIVE_LEAK .

You can find it for some time at

==> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4v9pm_fitna-the-movie-by-geert-wilders...